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Tired. Came home early from Church. Still working on One Piece and Fairy Tail episodes until I catch up. I'm uploading Megami and Nyantype posters. Will be creating character pages for these posters. Please visit the Ecchi club today. I'll share them
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Temporary Lists for PMs, Weekly Threads

This is only a temporary lists for private messages and Weekly threads for Blue Exorcist, Sket Dance, Beelzebub, and others.

Each time I insert this list into threads or PMs, I will delete its contents and add characters.

1. Danganronpa: The Animation

July 6th: While Sonata took care of the characters, I focused on the episode summaries.

2. Attack on Titan

Started in April 14, I'm still working on episode summaries. I did do character pages such as Mikasa and a few dead characters. I can only add bits of info. There are other editors working on other pages. Dekken and Toxin45 do some linking for characters/episodes while Olgaphone did an excellent job on Reiner's page.

3. Sunday Without God

July 11th: I'm pretty much the sole editor for the project. I didn't do any work on the characters. In fact, I'm behind in character creation. I need to add new characters. All I'm doing is episode summaries.

4. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

July 3rd: It's the same with Sunday Without God. Though, the search engine was broken. I didn't create new character pages until it was fix.

5. Noragami
6. Kill la Kill
7. Valvrave the Liberator 2
8. Wanna Be the Strongest in the World!
9. Walkure Romanze: Shojo Kishi Monogatari
10. Strike the Blood
11. Nagi no Asukara
12. Pupa
13. I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job.
14. IS <Infinite Stratos>
15. Gingitsune
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