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These are the updates for the wiki teams on the Sket Dance, Beelzebub, Fairy Tail, Guilty Crown, and Gintama projects.


Most of my teammates are college students, and we are very busy like everyone else. It's tough to juggle school, work, and doing wiki works at the same time. In Fall 2011, the addition of weekly reports had a lot of time commitment. With new episodes coming each week and a weekly report to cover that episode and its team's wiki progress, it puts a considerable amount of strain on our commitments. For me, three anime reports and wiki work are pretty challenging to keep up. KuroNekoXIII had his hands full with Guilty Crown's wiki and reports while MohsinMan99 is busy with Gintama. My team is always working hard to support the community and getting them active and talking. We always pull through, and luckily, we got each other's back.

When things get busy such as midterm weeks or community service projects, you got to stop your wiki work and focus on school, family, and work. That's the number one priority.

In each section, I include the team members, changes if present, and the wiki vitae list. The wiki vitae lists are lists that keeps track of the team's wiki progress.

Sket Dance and Team W.I.K.I. Nation

Team Members: Annabanana, KuroNekoXIII, MohsinMan99, Takashichea, Halberdierv2, Hibaru, and Piface314.

Ever since the winter watches took place last January or so, Sora_thekey did a winter watch on Sket Dance. Since the news articles do not have a forum thread copy, I figured to keep writing the Sket Dance weekly reports for my team and to back up Sora's articles by providing links.


With the semester going and anime reports piling up, I am contemplating on stopping the weekly reports for Sket Dance. I believe it's more time effective and manageable to work this way. I provide images to Sora and work on the episode wiki page while Sora writes his winter watch. My team and I will still handle the wiki work for the character pages and other pages.

This way, I have less weekly reports to work on. See projects below.

New Member


Wiki Vitae List


Team Members: Annabanana, ShadowKnight508, Arrussel, Sreenivas, and Takashichea.

There are no changes. I still keep working on the wiki work and its weekly reports.

Arrussel did the weekly coverage for the Beelzebub chapters. He had too much school, so the chapter coverage is on hiatus.

Wiki Vitae List

Guilty Crown

Team Members: KuroNekoXIII and Takashichea


KuroNekoXIII will work on the even episodes and its weekly reports while I do the odd episodes and its reports. Mainly, Kuro works on the Guilty Crown pages because I work a lot on the episode pages for the other projects.

Wiki Vitae List

Fairy Tail

Team Members: Annabanana, Newten, Takashichea, and old members who helped out with Fairy Tail last year. They are Wales, Buhssuht, Obscurefan, and Obsidian609.

Possible Changes

I'm still working on Fairy Tail episode and weekly reports. However, Newten may take over the Fairy Tail weekly reports as his winter watch. Right now, Newten has a team working on My Little Pony project with ScarletKittie and BigHeart711. (Please see ScarletKittie's Team Wiki Project). I just keep going until Newten gets back.

Wiki Vitae List


Team Members: MohsinMan99 and Takashichea

We're a bit behind in the anime with the reports. Unlike the above projects, we don't do a lot of wiki work because we got too much on our hands with the other projects. We're still doing the weekly reports to get more people involved in the Gintama project. MohsinMan99 and I take turns on Gintama reports on certain arcs.

This is the end of the updates.

Past Team Updates

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Team W.I.K.I. Nation

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