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This is a status report for my teams. My teams and I am halfway done on the anime part for Shaman King and Rave Master. For Fairy Tail, since it still ongoing, it is hard to say where we are now. We are still working on it. On this blog, I will also put my goals, teammates, predictions, and future blogs.


To motivate users to create teams to tackle some of the franchises on this website. To give out recognitions. To boost morale and keep the work flowing until the job is done.

Current Teammates

Render by Oblivion and Uploaded by Annabanana
Render by Oblivion and Uploaded by Annabanana

I would like to thank my teammates who have been working hard on the wiki pages.

Table of Contents

1.Current Teammates

2. When I joined in and Brief History

3. Episodes, Image, and Volumes count

4. Time Management and Goals

5. Future Blogs

7. Predictions

Fairy Tail

AnnaBanana (active), Obscurefan , Obsidian609, Piface314, Buhsssuht

Shaman King

Alone but found some new users, YGTYUV and Nightwolf. Still look for some active members to help out.

Rave Master

Fire_Star (active)

When did I joined in the teams? Brief History of Team

Fairy Tail (October 2010-June 2011 currently)

Back in October of 2010, I was a new user who did not know what to do. I started commenting on a Taurus image for Fairy Tail. Obscurefan responded back and his comments made me want to work on Fairy Tail. Also, my partner Annabanana joined Anime Vice in October of 2010. It was strange that both of us who joined Anime Vice on the same month of the same year worked on Fairy Tail first (as a major task). In January of 2011, the team is formed unofficially but the team members worked independently. In March 2011 (spring break), I started the recognition blog for Fairy Tail, and it was my first one. Around May 2011, Ethan started the Fairy Tail theme week, and it gathered a lot of attention. New users joined in. Anna, Buhssuht, Wales, Scratchman, Obsidian609, and I completed several tasks a day in that week. By the end of the week, I estimated 95% of Fairy Tail characters had their page formatted to the wiki style.

*I have working on Fairy Tail since the month I joined Anime Vice.

Shaman King (February 2011 to June 2011)

I was going back and forth from different franchises such as Hetalia because I was looking for another niche besides Fairy Tail. When I look at Shaman King, I had fond memories of watching it on Fox Box. I decided to work on it. I started on the episodes first and the volumes. I was surprised how different the volumes and the episodes are, and the dub version has different names from the sub version. I worked a lot on the episodes. At times, I wanted to stop and postponed it like the other projects, but I kept going at a slower pace. School and community service had a higher priority over anime vice.

*Now, summer is here, and I can work much faster.

Rave Master (May 17, 2011 to June 2011)

I was asked by Fire_Star to make a team to tackle the Rave Master project. We first started on episodes and characters.

*So far, we are doing good.

Episode, Image, and Volume Counts

For Fairy Tail, 48 episodes have plot summaries (some have points of interests) out of 81 episodes (not including ep. 82 coming out this week). 5 episodes do not have images, and they are 27*, 29, 34, 39, and 47. *However, episode 27 does have images, but it will not appear on the episode page. All episodes have characters, concepts, objects, and locations on them.

As for volumes, all volumes have characters except 8, 14, 15, 17, 19, and 26. Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, and 13 have plot summaries. Total volumes is 26 and going.

For Shaman King, 39 episodes have plot summaries (some have manga/anime differences) out of 64 episodes. Also, 25 episodes do not have images which are after episode 39. Only the 39 episodes have characters, concepts, objects, and locations on them.

As for volumes, all shaman king volumes have a table of contents on them. Volumes 1-18 and 25-29 have plot summaries. Total Volumes is 29.

For Rave Master, 24 episodes have plot summaries out of 51 episodes. Only 24 episodes have images, characters, concepts, objects, and locations on them.

As for volumes 2 and 15 have plot summaries on them. Volumes 1-2, 4, and 13-15. Total volumes is 31.

Despite these numbers, the projects is going well.

Time Management, Partner Workload, and My Goals

In the 9 months, I learned to format pages according to wiki style guide. It is thanks to my colleagues, the staff, and the mods for guiding me. I am still learning the works of wiki.

Time Management

I cannot keep going back and forth between different projects. Sometimes, I get side tracked to the concepts I make or the ones I find. My problem is time management and like school work, I have a hard time doing it.

How the Team works (Currently)

The week's goal is to do 7 Rave Master episodes, 4 shaman king episodes, and 1 Fairy Tail episode. Since Fairy Tail is ongoing, my partner Anna and I take turns on the new episode that comes out on Saturday. For Rave Master, my partner Fire_Star takes care of the characters while I do the episode wiki pages. For Shaman King, I working on episodes and volumes before characters. I have to do them at a separate time. For both Fairy Tail and Rave Master, both of my partners and I tend to check each others' work and fill it the gaps.


Shaman King's anime will hopefully be finished by the end of June 2011. For Rave Master, by the end of August 2011. Since Fairy Tail is still ongoing, my team and I will finished all of the plot summaries by the end of August 2011.

Future Blogs

Since I am a former historian in my clubs, I am keeping track of Fairy Tail work (with help from the recognition blogs), Rave Master and Shaman King done by my teams. I will start a historian blog or a timeline of some sorts for my three wiki projects. It may not be 100% complete because I can't look past October 2010, active users's submission history are bury under other work, and much more. As of now, I am keeping track of my partners and the some of the team.

A Demographic blog will also be posted in the near future. (See previous blog)


The number in yellow will reach 20, 000.
The number in yellow will reach 20, 000.

Ever since I joined Anime Vice, I never thought to join the top 70 wiki contributors. I predict, on the front page of top contributing anime vice users, that the last person's wiki points will be around 20, 000 points by the end of October 2011. (See image for clarification)

Thank you. Keep up doing the wiki.

Go Anime Vice!

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