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Hi everyone! Welcome to my team's anthology blog where I list all the weekly reports for Beelzebub that was written by my fellow teammates and I. The weekly reports are meant to showcase the wiki work we have done and to show off the anime to fans and people who haven't tried Beelzebub.

My Teammates:

For those who are new to Beelzebub, here is a plot summary:

Oga Tatsumi is a violent punk at one of Japan's worst high-schools: Ishiyama High. One day, as he is dunking some weaker punks in a riverbed, he finds a vessel containing a green-haired baby by accident. However, the baby seems somewhat attached to him. Oga later discovers that baby is Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, or Baby Be'el for short, the son of the Great Demon King who is destined to one day destroy humanity. The Demon Lord, feeling bored, decided to send him to the human world with his wet nurse Hildegarde in hopes that whoever picked him up would be evil enough to raise him into a fearsome demon that will one day destroy humanity.

Not wanting this responsibility on his head, Oga tries to find a person even more evil than himself with whom to ditch the baby. This brings him into constant conflict with other top delinquents at Ishiyama High as he fights them just to make them take Be'el away, but keeps winning. Will he succeed in his quest, or is he doomed to remain the surrogate father of the baby who will destroy the world?

By Annabanana

I divided this into anime and manga.


Arrussel joined our team during Fall of 2011. He covers the manga chapters while Sreenivas and I did the Beelzebub anime reports. Though, he had to stop due to school.

Beelzebub Ch. 131: Oga beat 75 guys including a Pillar and proclaimed that he doesn’t care about their number or name he will not remember any of them. Oga and Hilda argued while he was rescuing her parodying Bleach in the process.
Beelzebub Ch. 132: Oga took out a lot of guys I lost count sorry. Revealed that he wasn’t alone as he and Beel kicked ass. And finally accidently met up with Toujou
Beelzebub ch. 133: Oga runs into Toujou after some confusion Toujou helps Oga and then Toujou shows us why he is badass. We also get some character growth from Oga he actually feels bad for destroying large parts of the school after he learns that Toujou worked so hard biulding it.
Beelzebub ch. 134: Aoi showed up and saved Oga’s ass because the women only squad have discovered Oga has a soft spot for pretty girls. The fighting ensues and Aoi shows off a flash step like black tech before getting stopped in her tracks by a Pillar Head. But Agiel switches sides in the nick of time and saves her.
Beelzebub ch. 135: Oga and the whole gang with Agiel face off Behemoth's men.
(This is not Arrussel's synopsis since he does last chapter's summaries in his reports)


I covered the Beelzebub anime; occasionally, Sreenivas cover some episodes. When college in session, it is difficult to post reports in time. I started the reports in October of 2011 and ended in March 2012. We covered episodes 32 to 60 which is divided into two arcs: Six Knights' Volleyball Tournament and Demon Invasion Arc.

All of these synopsis are written by Anna, ShadowKnight508, Sreenivas, and I.

Six Knights' Volleyball Tournament

Ep. 32:

Oga and his gang of delinquents have to settle their dispute with the Six Holy Knights in a game of volleyball in the school festival in a month from now. If team Ishiyama fails to defeat the Holy Knights, they will expel from the school. If they win, the Holy Knights will lose their powers.However, a new transfer student appears. It's Hilda! When Aoi and the girls only find Oga and Furuichi for practice, Hilda decides to motivate the rest of boys. What does she have in store for them? After the boys are practicing hard on the following day, Hilda and Aoi have a little match to decide who will be the captain of the team.

Will Aoi prove herself against Hilda and become captain, who was presumed to be Oga's wife? Will Himekawa's pompadour stay down? When will Oga and Miki's past be revealed?

Ep. 33:
After partaking in intense training, the former friend and current member of the Six Holy Knights Miki finally gets his rematch against Oga one on one after Oga tires of training for the upcoming volleyball match and stumbles across the dojo in which Miki is training. Things are heating up as Oga finally comes face to face with the impressive powers and techniques that Miki has been recently perfecting in his continuing attempts to become more powerful than Oga could ever humanly be. The past days of these two men's lives shall be revealed!

Ep. 34:

As the month goes by, St. Ishiyama hosts its school festival, and Azusa gets the strange idea to dress as a maid and run a maid cafe with her friends. Meanwhile, Aoi and the girls are looking for the boys so they can practice, but none of them appear. Back at the cafe, Furuichi convinces Azusa and her friends to take his ideas to improve the cafe since the 6 Holy Knights are running a coffee shop that has a lot of customers. Outside, a bunch of punks from Teimo Tech appear to ruin everyone's fun.

Will Furuichi's ideas make the cafe run smoothly and what will happen between Teimo Tech punks and the Ishiyama delinquents?

Ep. 35:
It has come down to this! The anticipated volleyball match between the Ishiyama High students and the Six Holy Knights has begun! With their status as students and imminent expulsion hanging in the balance, Oga and friends know that they must win this match at all costs. However, the Six Holy Knights will not go down without putting up one hell of a match first.
Can the team from Ishiyama High pull off the upset? Or will they be crushed by their rivals and be expelled? And just who is the mysterious person from Oga's shrouded past that arrives at the festival?
Ep. 36:
In the aftermath of the volleyball match between the Six Holy Knights and the Ishiyama High students, a mysterious person from Oga's shrouded past reappears to finally confront the man who humiliated him years ago! With the chance of expulsion due to fighting still in effect for the Ishiyama High students, Oga must deal with this potentially dangerous situation carefully or face expulsion! To make these difficult matters even more complicated, more punks from Teimo Tech show up to crash the party!
Can Oga take care of this situation properly, or risk it all and face the consequences of his actions?

Demon Invasion Arc

I split the arc into two parts by ending theme songs: Baby U! and Shojo Traveler.

Baby U!

Ep. 37 - 48. I had a double report for 48.

Ep. 37:
After the volleyball and the Kiriya event, Oga finds himself and Beelzebub adored by many fans. While Aoi gets asked by her friends about her feelings for Oga, Oga and Toujou pay a visit to Kaname. Suddenly, a new character appears and beats them quick and easy. He is Zenjuro Saotome, the new teacher on the block.
Who is Zenjuro Saotome and why is he here? What is wrong with Aoi, and how does Kaname know about Oga's demon powers?
Ep. 38:
After an exciting and short battle between Hilda and Zenjuro, Oga find himself interrogated by Aoi who wants to know Beelzebub's identity. Yet, Aoi's questions remain unanswered when Yolda appears and knocks Oga's friends out. Before she can have her way with Oga, Hilda jumps in to stop her. More wet nurses appear as they arrive with their green haired master, Lord En. Lord En is Beelzebub's older brother.
Ep. 39:
After Lord En has left with his servants, Oga faces an awkward situation when he and Hilda walked Aoi to her house. Yet, Oga does not get a break at school when Aoi's friends suspect he made Aoi do something shameful at his house. Azusa decides to take Oga and Aoi to a double date to help Aoi get comfortable with Oga; however, Alaindelon helps Azusa by doing a triple date at the amusement park. What joy! In the park, Oga and the gang meet Lord En again.
What will happen between Lord En and Beel's human sidekicks and will Oga and Aoi get a break?
Ep. 40:
While Lord En and his wet nurses spend their time at the arcades, Aoi tries to figure out about demons; Oga and Hilda spend some quality family time with Oga's mother. Toujou and Shizuka remember the old days together. When Oga and Hilda have to get some cooking ingredients, they bump into Aoi and then a new enemy appears and grabs Aoi. His name is Hecados (Hecatos), and he will carry out his order to wipe out Oga and Beel.
Will Oga and Hilda rescue Aoi and what are Toujou and Shizuka doing together?
Ep. 41:
Last week's episode was great because Hilda and Oga fight together for the first time. Now, the story continues off where Oga and Beel takes revenge on Hecadoth who impaled Hilda.With Hilda down, Oga and Beel take on Hecadoth for some payback. At the same time, Kaname and Toujou's fight is interrupted by two, new demons, Graphel and Naga. Two brutal fights take place between the humans (one demon baby) and Behemoth's demon generals.
Can Oga and Beel defeat Hecadoth and can Toujou and Kaname take down their opponents?
Ep. 42:

As Lamia takes care of Oga and strangles him for neglecting to save Hilda, Forkas point out that Aoi did an excellent job on treating Hilda. After Zenjuro leaves and tells Oga to stop on by in class for some training, Oga finds Beelzebub waiting by Hilda's side. Suddenly, Hilda wakes up much to Oga and Beel's surprise. Once Hilda says her first apology to Oga and rests, Oga takes Aoi to her house; he tells her that he is angry at himself for not being strong enough to save everyone.

Will Oga's training make him strong? When will Hilda get back on her feet and when are the demons coming back?

Ep. 43:
While Oga, Beel, and the Shadow Group are going with Aoi, Ittousai, and Kota to the training grounds, Lamia and Furuichi are searching for Lord En. In their quest, Furuichi finds his Ishiyama classmates at the arcade and rounds them up. He asks them to help him to search for Lord En by informing them the attack on Oga and Aoi and insults on their school's name.
Will Furuichi convince his fellow delinquents to search for Lord En and will Oga get to the serious training?
Ep. 44 and 45:
Oga finally begins his rigorous training under the guidance of Ittousai to become stronger however he soon realizes that its lot harder than it seems. In the meantime, Furuichi and Lamia join forces with the Ishiyama gang in their search for En. With his pride and determination, will Oga complete his training and become strong enough to fight the demons that threaten both his and Beel's life? And will Furuichi and Lamia find En and persuade him to call off his army from pursuing Beel and Oga before its too late?

While Oga and Beel have some quality time with Zenjuro, Furuichi, Lamia, and the rest of the delinquents hunt for Lord En by searching through the video game world. Their search conveniently ends when Chiaki finds Lord En in a fighting game. Determined to find Lord En's location, Furuichi's group accepts a challenge from the young demon lord. The game is based on war games similar to Call of Duty. Will Furuichi and his team defeat Lord En in his game or will they burn in a sea of fire?
Ep. 46 and 47:
Oga and Beel finally start their training, but their training is not what they expect. At the same time, Furuichi, Lamia, and their group face off Lord En with some difficulties. Will Oga and Beel get strong in time and will Furuichi's group claim victory in their game?

Furuichi and Lamia find Lord En's hideout in the most unlikely place; when they get cornered by Yolda, Hilda comes to their aid and owns the wet nurses. Behemoth's men appear, and Oga, Toujou, and the rest of delinquents are in a showdown. Will Oga and his group be victorious against Behemoth's men?

Shojo Traveler

Ep. 48 - 60: Sreenivas covered episodes 56, 57, and 59 while I covered the rest.

Column HeadColumn Head
Ep. 48 and 49:
Oga and Beel finally arrive to the big fight with Hecadoth, Naga, and Graphel to settle the score. Oga has an unusual arsenal with him that demonstrates the bond between father and adopted son. Will Oga and Beel defeat Behemoth's men?
It's a long title for Beelzebub episodes. Today's special is about Oga and his gang who journeys to Tenjiku to retrieve some Sutras. However, they get side tracked and end up at the Ox King's place. This episode is based on the Wu Cheng'en Journey to the West story.
Ep. 50:
After an exciting battle between Oga and Behemoth's men ends with a victory and Furuichi's reputation shattered, Oga and the gang have another bizarre day. The aftereffects of Super Milk Time has caused Oga and Beel to switch bodies, will Beel (Oga) get his body back with his reputation intact?
Ep. 51:
While Oga and Beel perfect Super Milk Time, Nene and the Red Tails girl try to get Aoi back in their gang. However, a rival gang and a perverted Komainu named Koma makes their plan run off course. Will Nene and the gang get Aoi back and how will Oga perfect Super Milk Time?
Ep. 52:
It's a snow day for Oga and the Ishiyama delinquents. When they arrive to school and find out no one else is there, strange things happen such as delinquents getting beat up. Kazuya suspects the person is following the song where the Holy Knights beat up the delinquents. Who is the true culprit?
Ep. 53:
1st Story: When Hilda gets a request from the demon king about filming Beel's first conquest, she, Oga, and the others follow Beel on his quest.
2nd Story: Even though Furuichi's home has been destroyed, Furuichi's life brightens a bit when he meets a girl who he believes likes him. Will Furuichi get a girlfriend?
Ep. 54 and 55:
Himekawa kidnaps Black Baby Beel because he resembles the black statue that brought his family great wealth. Oga, Zenjuro, and the gang search for Black Beel. Somehow, Black Baby Beel becomes gigantic. Will Oga and the gang stop him?
55 has two stories:
  1. First Story: Himekawa comes to school with his hair down due to running out of hair gel. A group of Techmo punks arrive to take down Himekawa whose strength is halved due to having no pompadour. Will Himekawa make it during his bad hair day?
  2. Second Story: The Great Demon Lord visit Oga's house; while Hilda prepares a welcoming ritual for him, Oga's father spends the day entertaining the demon king. Will Hilda and Oga's father please the Great Demon Lord.
Ep. 56:
Furuichi and Lamia finds a letter that addresses to Hilda, and he gets the gang to throw Hilda a surprise birthday party. However, Hilda thinks everyone planning a plot to take over the demon world when Oga and the gang avoid her. Will Furuichi's plan come to fruition?
Himekawa and the gang think up new names to replace the TKKH. They get up wound up in silly things like costumes in order to look cool.
Ep. 57:

Komainu cooks Manju because he thinks that he and Aoi can switch bodies due to how Beelzebub's milk affects Oga. He plans to achieve his perverted fantasies by getting Aoi to eat.

In the second story, Hilda wins a ticket to an Onsen with Oga's family. She bonds with Oga and Beel over there while Furuichi thinks he sees Hilda naked.

Ep. 58:
Oga and Hilda are caught near a battle between Behemoth and Zenjuro, Ittousai, and the principal of St. Ishiyama. At the same time, Furuichi, Kanzaki, Himekawa, Nene, and the Red Tails girls (except Kaoru) stumble upon Akumano Academy. Lord En's men ambush the delinquents. Aoi shows up in the nick of time to fend off their attacks. Her battle with Agiel begins.
Ep. 59:
Oga fights Jabberwock to free Hilda while Aoi and the gang are playing a game with Lord En after Aoi had defeated Agiel.
Ep. 60:

It's the final episode in the Beelzebub series. After Aoi and the rest of the Ishiyama delinquents shed tears over the loss of Oga and Beel, Alaindelon shocks them by bringing back Oga and Beel. Things do not go smoothly when Hilda states that the Great Demon Lord is not going to destroy the humans. This means Beel's goal is no more and that he and his gang will go home.

Will Oga, Beel, and the gang part ways forever?

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