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Finished clearing all Attack on Titan characters. Was really close to 5PM. I'll be back to save up the Attack on Titan episode summaries and finish Taichokage and rest of my teammates' wiki subs.
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Welcome everyone to the Avatar the Last Airbender wiki project where we have a spectacular team working on it last month. After the Legend of Korra season 1 ended, some of the wiki editors join up to make the wiki pages for the first Avatar series better.

Wiki Team

Wiki EditorDescription
FoxxFireArt is the top wiki editor in Anime Vice, a mod at Anime Vice, and a freelance graphic artist. He is the author of the community spotlight pages where he promotes the wiki pages, blogs, and reviews of the community. Also, FoxxFireArt is known for his wiki work on One Piece, Code Geass, High School of the Dead, and others. In terms of wiki editing, his strengths are balanced between different wiki pages.

He's the supervisor of the Avatar series wiki project and creates many necessary pages.
Wales is a veteran wiki editor and a young teacher. In addition to wiki editing, Wales also reviews anime and manga in his spare time. He is known for his wiki work in Eureka Seven, Legend of Korra, Bakuman, and others. In terms of wiki editing, his strengths are also balanced, and he is more geared towards working on character wiki pages.

He's the Ace Captain of the project who does characters and the 2nd season of the series, Book: Earth.
Takashichea (AKA Taka)
Takashichea (AKA Taka)
I'm Taka, a wiki editor, an Admin at Sket Dance Wikia, and a college student. I'm proud of my wiki work in Fairy Tail, Sket Dance, Shaman King, and others, and I enjoyed writing weekly reports to promote my team's works, news, and other special blogs. In terms of wiki editing, I'm more of an episode specialist, but I can work on any other types of wiki pages.

I'm the First Mate of the project, and I'm in charge of Book: Water, the first season of the series.

We welcome anyone who is willing to follow the wiki style on the project. Feel free to ask us. We'll help teach any new wiki editors who want to help out.


  1. To complete every episode with a synopsis, full plot summary, characters, image, and every associations added.
  2. To format and complete every character page. For minor characters, story arcs and creation is only needed.

New Wiki Pages

I will publish another blog for the new wiki pages using Daniel Newton's format. I just list a few for now.

Thank you.

Note: I wanted to use Daniel Newton's formal wiki project, but it didn't have a strong team component.

New Wiki Tasks

  • Katara - Wiki Formatting - Taken by Taka
  • Aang - Story Arcs
  • Azula - Formatting and Making an Article

Past Wiki Tasks

FoxxFireArt created these wiki tasks. Please check them out.

Thank you everyone. We hope to make these wiki pages the best.

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