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Welcome everyone! My partner, Auron570, and I finish the Tari Tari anime project which includes the episodes. With limited time, we'll edit the characters later.

The project was started on July 12, 2012 and ended on October 6, 2012.

Final Impressions

Auron570 wrote his final impressions in his blog, Tari Tari final thoughts: well-made but shallow.

For me, Tari Tari was my first, official slice of life series. I don't include Sket Dance to be my first since I felt it was more gag shonen comedy than slice of life. It was a new experience, and I enjoyed how each character had a piece of the attention given to them in this short series. Though, Wakana and Sawa had most attention. I tried this series because people were calling it the Moe version of Glee. After I watched it, it was not Moe or Glee in any sense. The singing is not done every episode, and it's not overwhelming, but when they do sing, it sounds beautiful.

For those who are new to Tari Tari:

Tari Tari revolves around 5 Japanese school teenagers and when Konatsu quits the Choir, she tries to enlist the help of Wakana, Sawa, Taichi, and Atsuhiro in her new club. Each member of the choir struggle with their pasts as they go through every day life.



He's a wiki editor who specializes in Slice of Life wiki projects. He was my teammate on the Gosick project with HalberdierV2.

(Will fill in this later)

Episode Work

Auron570 and I took turns on the episode work. He did the even episodes while I did the odd episodes.

All episodes have a Crunchyroll synopsis except episodes 1 and 13, and I included weekly reports which helps promote discussion and the wiki.

Ep. 1: Running and Inviting

Miyamoto-san is in her senior year and she desperately wants to sing in the upcoming joint recital, but the vice-principal has barred her doing so. To get back on stage, she will have to take a different approach.
Ep. 2: Gathering and Struggling

Konatsu has finally got a choir team together, but fate continues to throw obstacles in her and the teams path.
Ep. 3: Swinging and Meeting

Kona’s Choir club has fallen apart before it had a chance to start. That hasn’t stopped her; she just needs to find 3 new members.
Ep. 4: Getting Angry and Dancing

Konatsu has given then group, Conder Queens, her groups’ stage for the World Music Festival. Her devotion to the group has caused a rift between her and Sawa.
Ep. 5: Throwing Away and Holding On

While the choir group is cheering for Tanaka, Waka seems to be withdrawing further from the group and tries to move on from her mother’s memories.
Ep. 6: Laughing and Remembering

Wakana and her father finally have an open talk about what happened to her mother, and what she left behind for her.
Ep. 7: Spinning in Circles and Losing Sight

Wakana has official joined the Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club and all seems well until Sawa starts acting weird.
Ep. 8: Worrying and Racing Ahead

Sawa dedication to getting into the school of her choice is affecting her mentally and physically. She believes that no one understands, but her friends are set to prove her wrong
Ep. 9: Turning White and Turning Red

Students are prohibited from having after school jobs, but the club has no funds to perform at the White Festival. An interesting job offer has been presented but they must have the approval of the vice principal.
Ep. 10: Crushing and Burning

Students are prohibited from having after school jobs, but the club has no funds to perform at the White Festival. An interesting job offer has been presented but they must have the approval of the vice principal.
Ep. 11: Waxing and Waning

The students, the parents, and the teachers are shocked to hear that not only is White Festival cancelled, but their normal school life is over.
Ep. 12: Piling Up and Rippling

The White Festival may be over but that is not stopping the Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club, they will put on their show with or without approval.
Ep. 13: Sunny Days and Crying and Sometimes Singing

The show must go on as the actors prepare their last time singing together.


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