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A lot of Sword Art Online fans notice the so-called platonic harem in Sword Art Online. Originally, I was going to call this blog, Platonic Harem: Sword Art Online. However, I was unsure about if it's a harem or not, so I titled it different.

Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online

Here's a synopsis written by Buhssuht

Technological innovation named Nerve Gear allows players to enter virtual world, achieving the true immersion. Soon after the invention of Nerve Gear, beta invitations of MMO named Sword Art Online are sent to numerous players. The game was fun to play until player realized that they cannot log out of the game. Suddenly Akihiko Kayaba, the creator of Sword Art Online appears and announces that everybody in the game are trapped within, and cannot leave the game until they defeat boss at top of dungeon, and if they were to remove Nerve Gear by force before defeating the final boss or die within the game, they would permanently die in real world. As parting gift, Akihiko leave mirrors to each players, which reveals players' real face causing more panic. Among them is a boy named Kirito, who determines to reach the final dungeon and leave the game no matter what.


Welcome to the Sword Art Online Romance Edition where we talk about the girls who have a thing for Kirito. This blog covers Episodes 1 to 10. Don't read this until you finished episode 10 because something special happens in Kirito's relationship with one of the girls.

Let the discussion begin!


Kirito is your main player and a bit of a lone wolf who avoids joining guilds due to a tragic end to his first guild. Though, his lone wolf self does not stop him from getting the ladies.


Asuna is at first a reclusive girl, but when she becomes the Vice Commander of the Knights of the Blood Oath, she is seen as the perfect girl. She is called the White Flash known for her lightning speed, and she is one of the best cooks in the game. Kirito just loves her cooking.

Relationship: They are a cliche pair. She beats him for being perverted, and the two argue a lot on tactics. Despite that, the two get along fine and eat together. For those who watched episode 10, Kirito makes his move and asks her to marry which she accepts. Does this mean that rest of the girls don't have a chance? Maybe but it's up to fans to decide.


I know she's dead by now, but a lot of people support this relationship. Sachi won the hearts of many fans with her tragic death and her little Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer message to Kirito.

Relationship: Despite she's dead, Kirito does think about her. When he married Asuna, he probably moved on.


Silica is a pretty loli girl and a monster tamer, and she attracts many admirers who wants her as their mascot for their guild. It's implied that she has a thing for Kirito. Though, she sees him as a big brother since Kirito explains he saved her because Silica reminds him of his cousin.

Relationship: They're like older brother and sister right now. Silica has not made a move on Kirito.


Lisbeth is a young blacksmith who is Asuna's friend. She is looking for something in her life, and then Kirito appears to asks her to forge a sword. It was an awkward yet cute start of their strange relationship, and they sleep near each other in front of the campfire. It was a touching scene where Lisbeth realizes that Kirito is the one for her. Lisbeth is the first girl to confess to Kirito that she "like" him. She asked Kirito to let her be his personal blacksmith. Though, she got sad when she sees Asuna and Kirito is awfully close.

Relationship: They are friends.

Suguha Kirigaya
Suguha is Kirito's little sister, but in reality, she is Kirito's cousin. She is a better kendo warrior than Kirito, and she has an avatar in ALFheim Online which Kirito does not know yet.

Relationship: ??? - Kirito sees her as his little sister while Suguha keeps blushing as she thinks more of Kirito.

Thank you for reading this blog.

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