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Each backpack represents each victim
Each backpack represents each victim

Hey, everyone. I just had another idea after reflecting what happened this last week. Coincidentally, I attended the Silence Packing Tour that promotes suicide awareness in college students, and at the same time, I watched and worked on Sket Dance 24 and 25: Switch Off, and it had the main character wanting to do suicide. In the end, Switch did not commit suicide and continues keeping his loved one's memories alive in his heart.

Sending Silence Packing Tour

Backpack Suicide Awareness
Backpack Suicide Awareness

When I was in school on Thurday (9-22), I seen many backpacks lying on the lawn in front of the science building. Each backpack had a photo of the student and a note from the victim's family and friends. I find myself reading several notes until I had to go to class. I came back afterwards and read some notes.

It's sad these students lost their lives.

See link to website

Disclaimer: I deleted the names to protect myself. I'm sorry. This is from my school's newspaper.

How does this relates to Sket Dance's character Switch

Switch: I want to die
Switch: I want to die

Well, I can't spoil you. I can just say that Switch lost someone due to his mistake, and that when he transforms to be like his loved one, he loses another close friend. Please watch Sket Dance 24 and 25 and read Anna and my work on their respective wiki pages, or read the Weekly report of Switch's story.


Please watched your loved ones closely. Always say hello to your classmates even if though you don't know them. It makes their day.

Suicide can be preventable if you are proactive.


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