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Hey everyone! I'm Taka, your friendly neighborhood wiki editor. Today, I like to share some of anime and manga series that I have heard about and finally have a chance to try it out. With summer, this is my only chance to get out there in the vast anime universe and outside of my comfort zones. There is so much anime and manga out there that I feel left out from the discussions here in the community. I can't comment. It's pretty ironic that a wiki editor like myself is a noob who can't call himself a true anime fan.

Some of these are old while some of these just began airing in Japan a month ago or so. I thank BigHeart711 who got me into the Summer and Spring 2012 trailer video projects. For the new stuff, I just post links to the weekly reports to make this blog shorter. I usually don't do long blogs because I don't want to bore you guys and gals.

One Piece (Manga Only)

Began in June: Some folks are surprised that I haven't read One Piece yet since I'm mostly a Shonen specialist wiki editor. I heard so much about it from my colleagues especially with the debate between Fairy Tail and One Piece. I, like many others, made a mistake and thought the first cover of Fairy Tail manga was one of Eiichiro Oda's works. In time, you see the differences. Anyways, I tried One Piece to support the fans when Godlen was gone. I got hooked on One Piece after the first chapter. Luffy reminds me so much of Goku. They are both big eaters, gentle spirited, and stupid at some points. The big difference between the two is Luffy's ambitions. His dream to become king of the pirates remind me of Naruto and Yoh Asakura. The only thing I had to get used is the drawing style. I seen it on the wiki pages and battle forums, but when I read the manga, their mouths are huge, and their faces are so simplistic.

Right now, I'm in Skypiea. I was surprised that they gone up to the sky to become sky pirates. In one of DestinyHeroKnight's blogs, I asked when are the mermaids appeared. It turns out they won't appear for a long time. One Piece is not a true pirate story until I get to see some mermaids.

Puella Magi Madoka★Magica

Started in early July: I heard about this anime when it made first place as best of 2011 in Anime Vice. I took BigHeart711's recommendation and instantly fall in love with the anime. It got dark in episode 3 which I can't spoil you. Like everyone said, this anime will change your perception on magical girls genre. It was surprising that Gen Urobuchi created the story since I usually associate him with Fate Zero, another favorite anime of mine. They both have a cyclic fate element sewn into them since witches and magical girls are doomed to repeat a cycle of despair. In Fate Zero's case, the servants are stuck in the past and brought back to life as a tool to get the grail. I seen this more in Saber than others. They had great characters who are unique in their own ways, and for characters I will not forget is Kyuubei because he is an interesting yet the most despised and creepiest character in the show. The show has a unique animation when you enter the witches' world. I can't seem to stop staring at the eyes that have this random pencil shading.

All in all, it's an awesome show. I'm glad I got to try it.

Astarotte's Toy

Started on July 28: I tried this one because I was researching reverse harem shows due to the recent wiki work in La Storia della Famiglia and Alice in the Country of Hearts. There was not much good reverse harem series that were originally based on video games. I chose to do Astarotte's Toy because of the premise, a young succubus must form a harem of men in order to live off of their "life seed." The bad thing was that Daniel and Sotyfan16 told me it was not a reverse harem which reminds me to remove it from the Reverse Harem concept page. After Daniel told how great the anime was on Tom's Watch and Learn article, I decided to check it out out of curiosity. What I have seen made me laugh hard. I heard how people didn't tried it because it had lolis in it. I didn't give a damn about it if it made me look a pedobear. The fan service is not that bad after I got used to the panty shots which I'm not a fan. It was Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? level. My little sister joined half way when she got curious. I hated the anime at first, but I eventually liked Astarotte (tsundere problems and mommy's girl problems) and Naoya (moral issues with his relationships with Astarotte and her mother). I did not expect that plot twist with Naoya and his daughter who is a weird girl. I did not want Naoya and Astarotte together, but the manga will probably have them married. Speaking of the manga, I haven't read it.

This series is great if you can tolerate the fan service and innuendos. When it got good, the anime ended abruptly. I hoped to see a second season.

Highschool of the Dead

Started on August 6: I avoided this one show for a long time, but as I get used to Anime Vice, the folks gradually stripped my innocence where I don't feel ashamed watching bad shows except for H wiki pages. I still feel dirty. I avoided shows that are not family friendly since I usually watch anime with my little sister. After watching Hagure Yusha no Estetica and Deadman Wonderland, I was ready to tried something extreme violence with a perverted fan service like Seikon no Qwaser. However, I did tried HOTD a year ago, but I started on episode 9 for a special wiki concept project: Implied Sex Scenes. I had to start all over yesterday to get the full story. HOTD was a thrilling experience when I watched Monday night. It was hella scary and mind numbing, and the panty shots were freaking annoying in the battles. In time, I got dehumanized as I got comfortable with the violence, immorality, and absurd fan service. I liked every character except for Saya Takagi and that messed up teacher.

I haven't finished the anime, but it's 12 episodes which is pretty damn short. From what Sotyfan16 said, I'm not looking forward to the ending. I will have to try out the manga to find out how it ends.

New Summer Anime Shows

Since I'm running out of time, I leave the weekly reports and first impressions that people made. Thank you guys and gals for reading this blog. I hope you continue discussing anime in this community. Please check out the discussion threads for the new summer anime shows.

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