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I'm tired. Finished wiki moderation, homework for Mon, and Feb 2015 community report. I haven't wiki edit today due to Church. PM me if you need me.
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Purpose: It's almost a year where I become a year old wiki editor. I see a lot of wiki editors keeping track of their contributions. I should have done it early.

This is a personal blog that I will use for a future Anime Vice 1st Year Anniversary Blog. (Inspired by Soty16's My Anime Vice 1 Year Anniversary Blog) It's like streamlining my future blog by creating this stat blog. I have to keep track now.


The lists are in chronological order. A lot of time is spent on the vitae lists.

  1. Favorites - First list probably started in October 2010.
  2. This is my Anime Vice Vitae- Started in December 2010. Time: Five Hours
  3. My Little Sister's Favorite Anime/Manga and Characters - For the honor of my little sister. She got me into anime and manga.
  4. Anime Vitae Franchise/Concepts Summary - Probably started in December 2010. Contains a detailed amount of my official and side projects plus some concepts.
  5. Rave Master Team Project Vitae - Started on June 9, 2011. This is a list of characters, concepts, and objects that my partner Fire_Star and I worked on. It only lists our contributions.
  6. Fairy Tail Team Project Vitae - Started on June 9, 2011. This is the same as the Rave Master Vitae except it contains most wiki editors from the recognition blog and everyone from the bounty blog.
  7. Team Blue Exorcist Vitae - Started on July 19, 2011. It is the same as the Fairy Tail vitae list.
  8. Shaman King Vitae List - Started on July 24, 2011.

Reasons for creating Vitae lists:

It's time consuming, but it is more organized and faster to update than the recognition blogs.


The lists do not contain individual volumes and episodes, so I used the recognition and the historian (Not created yet) blogs to gather those data.

Forum Threads

I list the ones that I created except the bugs report and blog posts. This is not an exhaustive list since I did not keep track until today. Plus, it's a short list since I don't go into forums much except when it's related to wiki, wiki editors, news, and the community.

  1. Is this series Alice in the Country of Hearts a reverse harem? (Nov. 9, 2010) - A strange thread I created for one of the first niches I carved out of Anime Vice. I created to get people to notice the franchise. It failed.
  2. It's over 9,000 (February 25, 2011) - I created as a forum thread to celebrate that I had over 9,000 points, and I should have made into a blog. (In those days, I was too shy to post a blog) A lot of resentment and praise are experienced in this blog. I never knew the title of this thread is cliche until I posted it.
  3. Is Natsu's relationship with Lucy going be like Haru and Elie's? (March 25, 2011) - This is my proudest thread that I created for Fairy Tail, yet I regretted making into a forum thread. If it is blog, I could have linked it to Haru Glory, Elie, Natsu, Lucy, and more. This thread gives a wide amount of evidence and commentary on comparing Natsu's relationship with Lucy, Erza, and Lisanna to Haru and Elie's relationship.

  4. What is your favorite Fairy Tail episode? (April 14, 2011) - I created to get some more people to watch Fairy Tail. Looking back, I think this thread is useless since Newten posts weekly Fairy Tail news (starting on ep. 87). I'm glad that Newten's work is generating a lot of feedback from the community.
  5. Seikon no Qwaser's Teresa Beria's War Rape History (July 19, 2011) - I was disillusioned by the franchise and how Teresa Beria is traumatized by her sisters (nuns) being raped and killed in Yugoslavia's ethnic cleansing. I felt like I shouldn't create a thread, but I did it to show that the franchise did a good job of connecting real history. Not lot of franchises talk about war rape. Hopefully, this thread does not spark any controversy.

  6. Improvements in Wiki Editing Tools or Anime Vice Functions (August 19, 2011) - I established a thread where wiki editors can add suggestions in improving Anime Vice to make wiki editing easier. I add the idea of having to search user galleries by using the galleries we made.
  7. Favorite Female Sket Dance Beach LIne Up (September 1, 2011) - After working on Sket Dance episode 21, I had snapshots of the girls who are playing Shinitori, so I thought to make a popularity poll for Sket Dance.


Most of my threads are light hearted except for my last one. I try to make some threads to spotlight characters for my wiki projects.

Wiki points

I can't remember all my wiki points progress, so I check my pm box.

  1. On December 15, 2010, I reached 1,000 points. (check pm box)
  2. Somewhere in January 2011, I must have reach 5,000 points. (no pm evidence)
  3. On June 5, 2011, I reached 100,000 points. (Fairy Tail blog)
  4. On September 5, 2011, I have 178,282 points.

Thank you. This is just a laundry list of forums and lists.

Go Anime Vice!

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