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Welcome to a special edition of the Sket Dance reports. This is the 4th report for the Sket Dance project on Anime Vice, and episode 26 of Sket Dance is the second crossover episode from another series, Gintama, that started the Crossover in its episode, 227. There will be tons of references to other animes and lots of 4th walls broken.

Team Members

For those of you who don't know my team, my teammates are Annabanana, KuroNekoXIII, Hibaru, HalberdierV2, and Piface314.

From the Sket Dance and Gintama Similarites and Differences blog, Halberdierv2 and Mohsinman99 had told me about a crossover coming to Sket Dance this week. It's thanks to them, Anna and my team are prepared to tackle it.


Gintama 227

In this episode, Gintoki tells his team that they are doing a crossover with Sket Dance, but Gintoki thinks that Sket Dance is going into their territory and stealing the spotlight. When Sket Dance comes in, Bossun and Gintoki have a challenge on Treasure Island where the winner is the first team to find the Pizazz Pizazz fruit. The Devil fruit has a strange effect on the user.

Who will win the challenge and become the best odd jobs trio anime? What is the Devil fruit's effect?

Sket Dance - Episode 26: Spirit Dance

In this second crossover episode, Bossun and his team meet Gintoki's team again due to a machine error. They have a nice conversation that has some jokes and discoveries while Sket Dance and Gintoki time travel through a montage of Sket Dance episode clips.

Will Sket Dan and Gintoki's team gain closure and ever lasting relationship or will they have bad blood with each other?


Beware of Mild Spoilers!


GintamaSket Dance
  • Love how the Sket Dance characters make a troll face at the beginning of the show before the opening.
  • As Gintoki and Bossun race, their team members gossip about their leaders and make a lot of references to other animes.
  • During the credits, Sket Dance characters look good in the Gintama team's clothes.
  • During the credits, Gintoki and Kagura do a gender swap with their Sket Dance counterparts
  • Kagura and Gintoki find out that Switch's voice actor is the same as Gintoki's voice actor. Switch wears Gintoki's attire and looks good in it. Wish I could see his past self wearing it.
  • The Sket Dance crossover episode has more minor characters in it than the Gintama crossover episode.
  • Shinpachi and Teppei discover that they have something in common besides that they both wear glasses.
  • Shinpachi and Hime moment was too hysterical.
  • Time Travel and Montage is a padding technique. Switch is just too blunt and funny.
  • During the credits, Gintoki and his pals take the Sket Dan's role of basking in the clover fields.


GintamaSket Dance
Runny Diarrhea?
Runny Diarrhea?
  • Hime's rant scene about the Runny Diarrhea is too long and dragged out. (Though, I didn't get the joke since it's a cultural thing)
  • Another dragged out scene is when Bossun and Gintoki try to get their team to follow them by acting weak or disheartened.
No Badminton? :(
No Badminton? :(
  • I feel like half of the episode is not that great when you compare it to the second half where they did most of the action with the time travel.
  • Too bad, they did not do the badminton match between Hime and Kagura.
  • I feel that the conversation part of the episode has too little action despite its great comedic scenes.


GintamaSket Dance
  • Gintoki's analysis of Sket Dance was brilliant and a bit strange.
  • Gintoki explains what happens to his goggles in the anime version because he wears goggles in the manga version.
  • The episode had many references to the One Piece X Toriko crossover.
  • The montage of crossover images with Gintoki being the main attraction in them is awesome and strange.
Switch's Gintoki wig
Switch's Gintoki wig
  • During the opening theme song, Switch puts on a Gintoki wig instead of a moe girl's mask.
  • In the manga, Bossun had a bad relationship with Gintoki compared to the anime version of this episode.
  • The manga story has a lot of differences such as how the story starts and the extra things that anime has put in. Be sure to check out our wiki page on episode 26.


Despite the fact that my first Gintama episode is the crossover one, I feel that Gintama has a better crossover episode than Sket Dance. The reasons are that Gintama has more action, some innuendos, and the flow of the episode is not too dragged out compared to the Sket Dance version.

Both crossovers are strange and funny. Originally, I am excited to watch these episodes a week ago, and when I get to watch the episodes, my expectations are almost fulfilled. I just wish the Sket Dance episode has more of a plot or some kind of challenge to make it more interesting.

Anime References

Thanks to MohsinMan99 and Mezmero for telling me.

The Gintama episode is making a parody on the One Piece X Toriko crossover. See these images.

There are tons of references to other animes, but I won't list them. You have to look them on our wiki page for episode 227 of Gintama and episode 26 of Sket Dance. I'm already giving too much spoilers.

* As of Oct. 22, 2011, MohsinMan99 is our new teammate for Team W.I.K.I Nation. He's the Gintama expert.

Interactive GIF

I found these recently on this website: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/sket-dance?before=1317305507

Please click on them and enjoy!

*I don't know who made them but thank them for these cool GIFs.


I thank you guys for reading this. You guys are awesome! This is for my community and my team W.I.K.I Nation who are working hard. I'm sorry that I couldn't get good images, but I will post more and Anna will post the Sket Dance's images.

This week, it is Anna's turn to do Sket Dance 26 and the two other anime episodes, so I figured I should work Gintama 227 just for the crossover event and the characters from Switch Off: Sawa Yamauchi, Masafumi Usui, and Yukino Hirai. It will take some time.

Halberdierv2 is working Chuuma's page while KuroNekoXIII did a splendid job on The SketchBook page. Please see our team's work. Thank you.

Let's get involved and make a big team!
Let's get involved and make a big team!

Give my team a round of applause.

Edit: As of 9/30, I finished Gintama 227.

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