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Purpose: To help organize the character pages for Team W.I.K.I Nation and future wiki editors when the current team is gone.

Since we have the manga and anime going in different order, we decided to take the manga route because it takes precedence (occurs before anime).

Story Arcs

This is not set in stone. It's will be updated. Plus, this series is different from a shounen series because it sometimes go by requests or regular arcs.

I have put down the manga and anime route for the comparisons.

  1. Request: Paint-Mask Incident
  2. Request: Moe's White Gibbon Chase
  3. Request: Peppermint Samurai
  4. Request: Ghost of the Incinerator
  5. Legend of the Onihime Arc
  6. Request: Roman's Prince Search
  7. Request: Summer Sakura
  8. Request: Kindergarten Performance
  9. Request: Chiaki's Lost Pelocan
  10. Request: Yagi Black Mail Incident
  11. Request: Yamanobe's Genesis Club
  12. Momoka's Seiyuu Aspirations Arc
  13. Request: Uchida's Popularity
  14. Spider Association Arc
  15. Request: Ganchinko Vivage Arc
  16. Request: Dante
  17. Little Princesses Arc
  18. Request: Momotaro
  19. Little Princesses Arc
  20. Request: Otaku and Occult
  21. Request: Running Home Run
  22. Switch Off Arc
  1. Intro Arc
  2. Request: Peppermint Samurai & Moe's Pet Sitting
  3. Legend of the Onihime Arc
  4. Request: Roman's Prince Search
  5. Request: Ghost of the Incinerator & Meet the Student Council
  6. Request: Kindergarten Performance
  7. Request: Summer Sakura
  8. Request: Yamanobe's Genesis Club
  9. Little Bossun Arc
  10. Request: Yagi Black Mail Incident
  11. Gachinko Vivage Battle Arc
  12. Request: Uchida's Popularity
  13. Request: Dante
  14. Kaimei Rock Festival Arc
  15. Request: Yamanobe's game
  16. Request: Hair Cut and Birthday Panic
  17. Request: Seiji's Group Date
  18. Request: Otaku and Occult
  19. Request: Principal and his grandson
  20. Little Princesses Arc
  21. Switch Off Arc
  • Request: Paint-Mask Incident
  • Request: Moe's White Gibbon Chase
  • Request: Peppermint Samurai
  • Request: Ghost of the Incinerator
  • Legend of the Onihime Arc
  • Request: Roman's Prince Search
  • Request: Summer Sakura
  • Request: Kindergarten Performance
  • Request: Chiaki's Lost Pelocan
  • Request: Yagi Black Mail Incident
  • Request: Yamanobe's Genesis Club
  • Request: Uchida's Popularity
  • Request: Ganchinko Vivage Games
  • As you see, the anime packs two requests into one episode. That's convenient, but picking the manga route is bit longer than the anime route.

    Note to self: Copying and Pasting from a spoiler tag in a PM is tedious because it does not allow mass copy/pasting.


    This is a long list and it makes a complicated for major characters such as Bossun, Hime, Switch, Momoka, and others. (Due to FoxxFireArt's streamline Initiative). For minor characters, it's all right. Like I said, it's not set in stone. Some of these arcs are only one chapter or one episode such as the Little Princesses arc.

    Don't worry, team of mine. We can make it, but we need to make it easy for ourselves.

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