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Howdy everyone! I wish to make this report longer, but I have to rushed these things. Let's go over these ridiculously, bizarre episodes.

Ep. 31: Nothing Beats Mixed Bathing! / October 27th WAS Orochimaru's Birthday…

Guy-sensei gives the gang a rare break, but will the end up being broken by Orochimaru's "Orochi Hot Springs" trap? Orochimaru realizes his birthday, October 27th, came and went without anyone noticing, and he wants Lee to suffer the same anguish.

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  • Kabuto: "Onii-chan"
    Kabuto: "Onii-chan"
    It was weird to see the Sound Four alive and kicking.
  • Any fans of Manda here? This snake gets to share a health tip with the audience!
  • We're spared from some horrible singing that may infringe on copyright issues in favor of a baseball game.
  • The Kabuto and Orochimaru shipping remains strong since Kabuto is still resuming the little sister role.


  • We get to see Sakura and Tenten transform into Might Guys and bathe in the hotsprings. Chibi fanservice doesn't appeal to me, but two Might Guy chibis bathing each other only appeals to Might Guy chibi fans.

Ep. 32: Sakura's My Nurse! / One Vote for Rock Lee!

Lee fakes being sick so that Sakura will nurse him, only to find that his rival in love is using the same tactic. Sasuke won the last popularity contest, while Lee wasn't even ranked. Can the show's main character find a way to steal 1st place.

By Crunchyroll

By Crunchyroll


  • Tenten thinks "moe" sells
    Tenten thinks "moe" sells
    Interestingly, Neji never cross dress in this episode. It's a rare moment.
  • As a guy who enjoys the occasional RPG game, it's cool to see Naruto and Rock Lee dress up as RPG heroes in a dungeon to describe their challenges faking their sickness.
  • Anybody remember that Reji guy who impersonated Neji in episode 20? Don't know if you're a fan, but he makes a cameo at the parodied McDonald's restaurant.
  • Tenten moefies her campaign poster because like the Japanese companies before her, she believes that moe makes all the difference.


  • I'm a little curious if those are the actual popularity poll results for the fans. I'm skeptical because there's no votes for Kakashi or Hinata. That, and I don't know anyone who still likes Sasuke, so how did he place so high?
  • Not much campaigning in this episode. It's mostly Naruto and Rock Lee. It would be nice to hear other candidates.

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