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I'm keep on working on saving wiki data for my teammates. I'm tackling Attack on Titan and Robotics;notes until 5 PM. I got to run to Church. PM me if you need me.
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This news might be late, but when I got on Hulu today, I notice Pokemon on the front page's updates. I was estatic that Origins, all 4 episodes, are available in dub. I watched the series in sub, and I enjoyed it. I never thought that Naruto's voice actress nailed Red's character. So far, the dub is also enjoyable. With Hulu, I probably have a chance to get screenshots for the wiki projects. I hope you fans try watching Origins.


The dub has subtle censorship in Squirtle and Marowak's scenes.

  • Charmander's screams are shortened.
  • Marowak's screams are shortened as well while the sound of Team Rocket's taser is skipped over. You don't hear the beatings.
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