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Finished capping Toriko Ep. 2 and Fairy Tail Ep. 215. I'm done with the wiki today. Just going to relax for tonight. PM me if you need me.
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Welcome to the first ever Platonic Harem Blog!

This week, we have Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?, a strange anime that involves a zombie, magical school girls, a necromancer, and vampire ninjas.

Plot Summary

High school student Ayumu Aikawa is murdered after being fatally stabbed in the back by a serial killer. Thanks to necromancer Eucliwood Hellsythe, however, he is resurrected as a zombie. Grateful to his savior, Ayumu invites her to reside with him in his house and continue his everyday life.

Trying to take advantage of his undead life by hunting for his serial killer at night, Ayumu meets a demon-hunting, chainsaw-wielding self-proclaimed "masou-shoujou" (Japanese pun on magical girl) named Haruna. After this fated encounter in which Ayumu accidentally gets cut in half and Haruna inadvertently dematerializes her clothes while trying to magically heal him, Haruna also moves in to Ayumu's residence. Zombie Ayumu's high school life is never quite the same as it used to be.

What is a Platonic Harem?

I use Platonic to refer to harems where you have a group of girls or guys that can form a relationship with the opposite sex. However, unlike traditional harems, there could only be one relationship at a time. Platonic means every day.


Ayumu Aikawa

He's your male protagonist and a zombie who can also turn into a Masou Shoujo after absorbing Haruna's magic. He is a bit of pervert when he fantasizes about Eucliwood who refers to Ayumu as "Onii-chan." Also, he gets into tricky situations with Haruna like he does with the rest of the women who lived in his house.

Eucliwood Hellsythe

She's the female protagonist who is a necromancer with the ability to bring back the dead. Unable to talk due to her powers, she communicates with a notepad. She lives Ayumu who takes care of her.


She's a tsundere, flat chested, Masou Shoujo girl who forgets people names except for Ayumu. After being stripped of her magic (pun intended), she lives with Ayumu and teaches him the way of the Masou Shoujo. Her specialty is cooking fried eggs that look like gold!


She's an extremely busty, vampire ninja who loves saying Tsubamegaeshi with her attacks. After Ayumu beats her up, she winds up living in his house. Talk about having your enemies close.

Yuki Yoshida
Aliases: Maelstrom (ninja), Tomonori (by Ayumu)

She is another Vampire ninja who attacks with Tonkotsu Ramen soup. After she rescues Ayumu and Haruna from Megalos who love tentacle rape, Ayumu makes an accidental move on her, a kiss, that makes them husband and wife due to her customs.

Taeko Hiramatsu

She is a normal girl who has a crush on Ayumu (revealed in an OVA), and in season 2, she has a fetish for Ayumu's legs.


She is a Vampire Ninja and the superior of Seraphim. She is very conservationist who upholds traditions with utmost priorities. In season 2, she has a fetish for Ayumu's butt when Ayumu exposed his naughty bits at school after Mystletainn broke.

He is Ayumu's best friend. Even though he may not have a thing for Ayumu, in the ending credits tells a different story. Orito is seen kissing Ayumu on the cheek.

There you have it.

Ayumu is your average zombie who ends up living with three drop-dead gorgeous ladies. Outside his home, he has two girls who loved him for his body. I just put Orito up to mess with you guys.

Thank you for reading this strange blog that I made up on a whim.


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