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Finished capping Toriko Ep. 2 and Fairy Tail Ep. 215. I'm done with the wiki today. Just going to relax for tonight. PM me if you need me.
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People Wiki Work: Actors, Actresses, Authors, etc


11-21-11: I noticed my anime vice vitae list is getting crowded, so I decided to create a separate list for the work I did on the people.

It will be organized by date (most recent last).

Each description contains date, creation (if I created it), my works, and for what wiki project I created/work for.

1. Rie Tozuka

1-8-2013: For Valkyria Chronicles

2. Porno Graffitti

1-24-13: For Magi's theme song, added members and works.

3. Supercell

1-24-13: For Magi and Guilty Crown theme songs. Added members and works.

4. Emi Sarah Bridcut

1-28-13: For Asuka Kudo in Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren't they? anime series.

5. Kanako Itou

1-29-13: Robotics:Notes

6. Haruki

1-29-13: Robotics:Notes

7. Fujii Yukiyo

1-30-13: Fairy Tail

8. Aya Suzaki

1-31-13: Tamako Market

9. Yuki Kaneko

1-31-13: Tamako Market

10. Chihiro Yonekura

2-2-13: Fairy Tail

11. Aimi Terakawa

2-2-13: Fairy Tail

12. Hoki Kusano

2-6-13: Pet Girl of Sakurasou

13. Taishi Murata

2-8-13: Pet Girl of Sakurasou

14. Nakaba Suzuki

2-18-13: Diamond Delinquent

15. Yukiko Horiguchi

2-21-13: Tamako Market

16. Hiroshi Takashige

2-24-13: Quick Picks - Until Death Do Us Part

17. Tamon Ota

2-24-13: Heroman for the Quick Picks

18. Kohei Horikoshi

3-4-13: Created page for Quick Picks where BigHeart711 and I spotlight Barrage

19. Haruhiko Momokawa


20. Noriko Ogiwara


21. Yuri Yamaoka

3-11-13: For Tamako Market

22. Yurie Yamashita

3-11-13: Tamako Market's Shiori

23. Yukino Ichihara

3-12-13: 07-Ghost (Quick Picks)

24. Yuki Amemiya

3-12-13: 07-Ghost (Quick Picks)

25. Honna Wakou

3-13-2013: For Nozoki Ana

26. Gene Luen Yang

3-19-13: For Avatar the Last Airbender: The Promise and The Search

27. Gurihiru

3-19-13: For Avatar the Last Airbender: The Promise and The Search

28. Wataru Watari
29. Akiyoshi Ohta
30. Hiroshi Fukuda
31. Ryohzoh
32. Tatsuhiko Hikagi

For Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

33. Kaito Ishikawa

4-7-13: For Suisei no Galgantia

34. Kotori Koiwai

4-7-13: For Severing Crime Edge

35. Ema Toyama

4-10-13: For Missions of Love

36. Noboru Yamaguchi

4-11-13: For the news blog on his death

37. Hideaki Yoshikawa

4-20-13: For SpeedForceSpider's wiki project Kagaku na Yatsura

38. Arisa Noto

4-20-13: Seiyuu in Severing Crime Edge

39. Hajime Mikuni

4-21-13: Gokujo Drops

40. Hanaharu Naruko


41. Yomi Hirasaka


42. Megumi Sato


43. Haruka Yamazaki


44. Satoshi Wagahara


45. Akio Hiragi


46. ClariS


47. High Voltage


48. Whitney Rodgers

6-1-13: Created her page for the Haganai's FUNimation cast

49. Ashleigh Domangue

6-1-13: Added her page for the FUNimation cast in Haganai

50. Kristi Kang

6-1-13: Added her page for the FUNImation cast in Haganai

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