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Looks like my time is up. I manage to finish a few things. I have to eat lunch with my club members and then attend a meeting. I'll be back to finish episode summaries for my team wiki projects this week. PM me if you need me.
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Oreimo Wiki List

My teammate is Daniel Newton. I got into Oreimo in spring 2012 when season 2 was on.

1. Eternal Blue Sister


2. Misaki Fujima

5-22-13: Created by Taka

3. Gokou Residence

5-22-13: Created by Taka

4. Tamura Residences

5-22-13: Created by Taka

5. Kousaka Residence

5-22-13: Created by Taka

6. ClariS

5-26-13: Created by Taka

7. Kaori Makishima

6-3-13: Created by Taka

8. Kanata Kurusu

6-3-13: Created by Taka

9. Kirara Hoshino

6-3-13: Created by Taka

10. Shinya Sanada

6-3-13: Created by Taka

11. Pretty Garden

6-3-13: Created by Taka

12. Ria Hagry

6-3-13: Created by Taka

13. Bridget Evans

6-9-13: Created by Taka

14. Kyousuke Kousaka's Apartment

6-15-13: Created by Daniel Newton

15. Unnamed Twins (Oreimo)


16. White Album 2

Created on August 17, 2013 around 9:30PM Pacific Time by Takashichea

17. Oreimo (ONA)

I finished all Oreimo 1's true route episode summaries in one day on 6-29-13.

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