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The News

After HalberdierV2 and MohsinMan99 informed me about the Sket Dance X Gintama crossover back in October, I find another crossover: Sket Dance and Bakuman.

According to the sources below, Sket Dance and Bakuman will have 3 episodes for the crossover, 2 in October and 1 in November. It's already past October, and there is no release dates for these episodes. Not much is said from both creators or producers who are going to make these crossover episodes possible. Plus, Gintama X Sket Dance crossover episodes already occurred in September 26 and 29.

**I have no idea if the crossover for both Sket Dance and Bakuman will occur. I'm hoping for it since they did announce to do it.

Please see Dochaus's report and the Sket Dance and Gintama Differences.

For those who do know Bakuman

Bakuman is about a young teenager, Moritaka Mashiro, who thinks he can't be a manga creator/ mangaka due to his mother's disapproval, disinterest in life, and his lack of confidence in his drawing skills. When he meets Akito Takagi, Akito rekindles Mashiro's dreams of becoming a manga creator and marrying his crush, Miho Azuki. Akito and Mashiro team up to become the best and to serialized their first show.


Moritaka Mashiro
The artist whose dream is to have his own series and to marry his sweetheart.
2. Akito Takagi
The smartest guy drops his ordinary career goal to make a successful manga and anime series with Mashiro.
3. Miho Azuki
Her dream is to become a talented voice actress for a leading role in an anime.

For those who do know Sket Dance

Sket Dance is about a club, SKET Dan, that has trio of students who help their classmates solve their problems. The S.K.E.T. in SKET Dan stands for Support, Kindness, Encouragement, and Troubleshoot.



Bossun is the leader who solves dire problems with his concentration ability; he's is a killer marksman with a slingshot.

Hime Onizuka

Hime is the powerhouse of the team; she is only female member with a wicked field hockey stick. Don't be fooled by her pretty appearance.

Kazuyoshi Usui

Switch is the anime Otaku and computer whiz who invents inventions and formulate strategies.

Here's the copy of the Japanese website's Article

「週刊少年ジャンプ」(集英社)連載の人気作品を原作としたTVアニメ、NHK Eテレ『 バクマン。』とテレビ東京系『 SKET DANCE』 がコラボすることが10月3日発売の「週刊少年ジャンプ」で発表されました。放送の日程は10月に2回、11月に1回で詳しい日時は発表していません。ま たコラボの内容に関しても一切触れておらずベールに包まれたままです。次の発表は10月24日発売の「週刊少年ジャンプ」にてコラボのカギを握る人物が発 表される予定です。

『バクマン。』は、「週刊少年ジャンプ」で2008年から連載されている大場つぐみ・小畑 健原作の作品です。内容は、一握りの者にしか得られない栄光を手にするため、険しい”マンガ道”を歩み、プロのマンガ家になる決意をした二人。高い画力を 持つ真城最高と、文才に長ける高木秋人がコンピを組み、新たなマンガ伝説を創る成功物語となっています。2010年よりNHK EテレにてTVアニメ放送が開始され2011年10月1日から第2シリーズが放送開始されています。

『SKET DANCE』は、週刊少年ジャンプで2007年から連載されている篠原健太原作の作品です。内容は、生徒達が学園生活を円滑に送るためのサポーター集団、 ボッスン、ヒメコ、スイッチの三人からなる開盟学園・学園生活支援部、通称「スケット団」が舞い込む依頼を解決していく、時には笑えて、時には真面目な痛 快学園群像劇です。2011年よりテレビ東京系にてTVアニメ放送が開始されています。


If anyone can read this, please inform us. I wanted to see if there were any information that the English version was missing.


The second source is a website in Japanese. Sorry about that.


Team W.I.K.I. Nation

*If I confused you, I'm sorry. There was not enough information to explain.

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