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To Do List: Back up Akame ga Kill Episode summaries and do 10-15 episode summaries of both Fairy Tail and Sket Dance. For Wikia, I transfer Toriko and Fairy Tail Movie pages. PM me if you need me.
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Hi everyone, I'm Takashichea, one of the wiki editors who posts trailers for the upcoming anime seasons. Many of you are PMing me where are the trailers. I have answered a lot of these PMs, so I decided to make an announcement just to make things easier for everyone.

Since my friend Daniel Newton told my teammates and I to start making discussion threads instead of trailer threads back in the Fall 2013, it has been confusing for those who are looking for these trailers.

There are 4 places you find them.

  1. #Anime Vice Discussion Threads - It's located on the left side when you visit the forum board.
  2. Discussion Directory ~ Chat about New Anime & Manga! - Daniel has made a hub thread for the discussion threads.
  3. Anime Video List - I'm the creator of this list. I record every trailer that my teammates have created. If you're on an anime series wiki page, you find my list on the right hand side. Click on that list and browse thru it. I have a link to the discussions and trailers.
  4. Current Anime Trailer Guides - With the help of my teammates, I create a list of all the anime trailers for the upcoming seasons.

Here are the past Anime Seasons:

They are no longer located in the anime series' forum pages. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. It is easier that all trailers are found in one forum location. It's just confusing where to access this forum thread.

If you're lost or new to this site, just PM me or my teamates. We will direct you to our seasonal anime guides.

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