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I finished setting up the wiki task themes. I closed one task for Glasslip. All I have to close from 2014 are Noriaki (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) and Samurai Jam. I'll leave the DBZ wiki task alone for another few months. I'll have to work on homework
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This is part of the Anime Vice Vitae. This is similiar to FoxxFireart's blog for FMA brotherhood project. I am accomplishing the same goal for this empty wiki of Shaman King.

My schedule is watch 1 episode a day except on Tuesdays and Wednesday and add characters, concepts, images, and the good stuff. Only Friday and Saturday I tried to do 3 episodes. Leave a comment if you're interested in helping Animevice to fill the episodes, volumes, and characters.

March 25-April 3, 2011: Working on Project until Spring Break is over. Issues: Too much college lab work and the image goal is hard to fulfill.

Images Minimum Requirement

Add at least one image per character. Also, the goal is to reach a minimum of 10 images or more per episodes.

Note: I have trouble finding images so I use streaming or picsearch. I don't download images because of risk of viruses.

Updated since Mar 20, 2011

Episodes Requirement

Include plot summary (any length) and "Anime and Manga Differences" paragraph.

Please see episode 4 of Shaman King for a good example:


*As of March 20, 2011, I found out there was a need for another paragraph on the episode wikis: Japanese anime vs English Anime or Uncut English vs Original Cut (Eng). Somehow, I started off the project watching the uncut English version until I ran out at episode 6. As I watch the Japanese version and sometimes the English version, I noticed the words were different. For example, Minutians (Dub) to Koropokkuru (Japanese) and "Sword of light" (dub) to Harusame" (Japanese). Have to add a table of changed terms to the franchise page.

This will make the project more difficult.

Notice something new to add (Mar 29, 2011)

When watching dub and sometimes sub, there were key dialogues that were changed on purpose. (See picture of episode 14)


The concepts that are always in Shaman King are Shaman, Ghost, and Shounen. Add these to every episode and volume of Shaman King.



See this link above for the Japanese actors.

Shaman King Seiyuu 1
Shaman King Seiyuu 1

Also I use myanimelist.net for the rest.

I am going to make a table of actors for Shaman King

CharacterJapanese actor/actressAmerican actor/actress
Yoh AsakuraYuuko SatouSebastian Arcelus
Manta OyamadaInuko InuyamaPete Zarustica
AmidamaruKatsuyuki KonishiSean Schemmel
Bokuto no RyuMasahiko Tanaka
Ren TaoRomi Paku
BasonShinpachi TsuchiDavid Brimmer
Anna Asakura/ or KyouyamaMegumi HayashibaraTara Sands or Tara Jayne
Johanne Faust VIIITakehito Koyasu
Jun TaoMichiko Neya
Lee PailongNobutoshi Canna
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