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Purpose: Because I have writer's block and I'm not a good writer, I have to read a lot of beginner guides in the Anime Vice Community. Despite the fact that I'm a wiki editor and my writing grew better these past 10 months, I have no style but only substance. This means my guides could be boring.

What I have done so far on?

The only things I accomplished on my rough drafts is the characters and what story arcs need to be covered. The only things I need to work on are the intro and the conclusion/verdict.

I'm not going to write my drafts or reveal what franchises I'm going to write about. It'll be a surprise.


This is a personal blog for me to reference, but it's for others who have writer's block on their guides. If you want to help me, please feel free. Today, I'm going to read some beginner guides, bookmark the good ones, and update this blog until this weekend is over.

I'm on a deadline: I have to submit at least one beginner guide before the end of August.

What I find to be crucial

  • Intro and a Hook - I noticed a lot of guides have a strong informative intro and a hook. I'm not at good intros, so this step is necessary to the success of the guide.

Examples: Gundam and Dragon Ball Z

  • Neutrality - This is strange. Sometimes, I see Godlen writes a bit of his opinion on whether to read the manga or the anime while Sotyfan16 is neutral at all times.

Example: Naruto

  • Why Watch? - This is also a strong point. A guide is informative, but it has to reel more people to try new things and the old to re watch it.

Examples: Vampire Knight

  • Verdict - It's always going to be biased.

Format Notes

Godlen has his style; Sotyfan16 has his style. Regardless, there is a set format, I believe.

Godlen's style

  • Intro - No header, free style, his purpose to help the viewers who haven't experience the anime/manga
  • What you need to know - More info about the author, what inspires to create this franchise,
  • The Story - story arcs if possible,
  • The Characters - Interestingly, it's in a mixed order
  • Should I read the manga, or watch the anime - has opinions but maintains neutrality
  • Buyers Guide - Recommendations

Sotyfan16's style

  • Intro - A bit of freestyle, talks about the author's works and inspirations. Second paragraph talks about the franchise's history such as air dates and movies.
  • The Story - Does the first story arcs
  • The Characters - Only includes these characters from the story above
  • Why Watch? - Very neutral. Highlights the benefits of both mediums: manga and anime.
  • Verdict - Very optimistic and persuasive

Lizcat's style

  • Intro - Talks about the success of the series, influences, appropriate audience
  • What You need to Know - Talks about the company, adaptations to DVD or other media like Itunes, channels
  • What to Expect - Genre analysis
  • The Story - Brief
  • The characters you must know - Key characters
  • The Characters you should know - Supporting character
  • Manga or Anime? - Like Godlen, not neutral.
  • Final Verdict - Benefits, relate to other franchises

I think it's okay to take their format style and put a spin on it. I got the characters and story arcs done, and all I have to work on is the intro and last two points.

Working Style of mine

  • Intro
  • The Story
  • The Characters
  • Manga or Anime? - It's going to be hard to remain neutral. I will dissect the benefits and flaws.
  • Why Watch?
  • Conclusion


I would like to thank the people who wrote the beginner guides and the advanced guides as well. They have the guts to write a guide. I'm just an amateur who has writer's block.

Thank you Sotyfan16 for the extra help! (Before this blog)

Good luck to those who want to write their first beginner guide!

Go Anime Vice!

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