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My Little Sister's Favorite Anime/Manga and Characters

Well, she did introduce me to anime and manga in the first place, so I think it's only fair that I put up a list that shows off her tastes. This isn't in any particular order, but should have the characters that belong to the franchise underneath the franchise. Some of these franchises I have tried, have heard of, have never heard of, and will never try.

1. Descendants of Darkness

She's really into boyxboy stuff. And blood. And horror. And occasional comedy.

2. Kazutaka Muraki

This psychotic doctor is one of the reasons she watched Descendants of Darkness.

3. Asato Tsuzuki

The object of the psychotic doctor's obsession is another one of the reasons she watched Descendants of Darkness. She still reads the extremely more graphic manga too...

4. Hetalia Axis Powers

She's been a little obsessed with this, so she's been bugging me to add articles to this franchise. Now, if only she would stop criticizing me about grammar.

5. Japan

One of the reasons she watches Hetalia.

6. Lithuania

One of the reasons she bugs me to add articles to the Hetalia franchise.

7. Switzerland

One of the reasons I bought the first volume of the manga for her. She likes violent characters that carry guns for some reason.

8. Hungary

One of the few female characters in Hetalia.

9. Alice in the Country of Hearts

She liked the art. And she was happy because this Alice wasn't blond for once.

10. Ace

She liked him ever since she first saw him. Despite the fact that this character is very unstable and has no problems with either saving or killing the heroine of the story.

11. Fairy Tail

I think she likes the fact that Natsu gets motion sick really easily more than anything.

12. Gray Fullbuster

He's a good-looking guy with a stripping fetish. She claims she likes him because of the ice magic, though.

13. Natsu Dragneel

She likes Gray, but she thinks life would be boring without someone destructive.

14. Jellal Fernandes

She liked Sieg Hart too. It only makes sense that she'd like this guy the second she saw him.

15. Erza Scarlet

She helped me think of captions on that image clean-up bounty for Erza. If she didn't like Erza, I'd be surprised.

16. Fried Justine

I don't really understand how she developed a weird affection for this character.

17. Loke

When she first saw him, she wasn't thrilled. But then, she saw him fighting to protect Lucy and he was wearing a suit and he changed his hairstyle. Apparently, that makes all the difference.

18. D.Gray-Man

A friend recommended it to her. She was happy.

19. Allen Walker

She liked him when she first saw him. I don't know why, but she does that a lot.

20. Lavi

She always did like red-haired guys. I think it's because she liked Roy (from Fire Emblem: Fuin no Tsurugi and Super Smash Brothers Melee); still does. I think she developed a fetish for red-haired guys after that.

21. Haku

She absolutely hates the Naruto anime now, but apparently, she still likes Haku.

22. Ino Yamanaka

Again, still hates the Naruto anime, but still likes this character. If the creator didn't have his reasons, I would question why he named a cute girl, "pig".

23. Azumanga Daioh

She actually isn't that much of a "high school series that revolves around the life of some girl" fan, but this is the exception. She actually hates that one anime; I think it was called "Lucky Star" or something like that.

24. Ayumu Kasuga

She absolutely loved her the moment she saw her! That's all I can say.

25. Sakaki

She didn't like her at first, but I guess the tall high school girl that secretly likes cute things grew on her.

26. Soul Eater

She picked it up wondering if it was a different anime we used to see on Anime Unleashed on the G4 channel (which was actually called "Soul Taker", I think). It wasn't what she was looking for, but she liked the art.

27. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

She likes the chain scythe.

28. Death The Kid

I find his obsession with symmetry annoying sometimes. She thinks it's unique.

29. Medusa Gorgon

She thinks Medusa is pretty, and she was very fond of Medusa when the villain took the form of a harmless little girl.

30. Franken Stein

She liked him ever since he fell off his chair.

31. DNAngel

I don't know much about this series to comment on it.

32. Daisuke Niwa

She likes red-haired guys. I don't know what else to say.

33. Satoshi Hiwatari

She liked him ever since he almost performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Daisuke.

34. Shaman King

She liked it ever since it first showed up as a cartoon on Saturdays.

35. Yoh Asakura

She likes his headphones.

36. Ren Tao

She likes his accent.

37. Lyserg Diethel

She thought he was cute.

38. Hao Asakura

She thought he was hot.

39. Pokémon

It makes her feel nostalgic. She liked Johto the best.

40. Misty

She liked her ever since she saw Misty dressed up as a mermaid.

41. Dawn

She liked her ever since she saw her. She was pretty disappointed when Dawn chose to become a coordinator, though.

42. Ritchie

"Who?" "The one with the pikachu named Sparky that could kick Ash's butt." "Oh yeah."

43. Nando

She liked him ever since she saw him.

44. Fullmetal Alchemist

The first volume made her laugh, and then she just completely fell in love with it.

45. Roy Mustang

She likes Roy (the one from FE: Fuin no Tsurugi and SSBM), and apparently developed a fetish for fiery guys. Quite literally.

46. Edward Elric

She loved him ever since that one guy called him a pipsqueak.

47. Alphonse Elric

She likes both Elric brothers. I wonder which one she likes more, though? I'll have to ask her.

48. Riza Hawkeye

She liked her ever since she told Roy Mustang that he was useless in the rain.

49. Rose Tomas

My sister actually dislikes religion, but she thinks Rose is pretty. I guess that makes all the difference.

50. Izumi Curtis

Do I dare say...yes, because SHE'S A HOUSE WIFE.

NectariaKiritsion Nov. 6, 2011 at 1:25 a.m.
So, your little sister likes pokemon? Cool ^_^!  I would like to know if she watched an episode with my favourite character! You know which character I''m talking about? Ritchie ^_^!
takashichea moderator on Nov. 6, 2011 at 6:22 p.m.

@NectariaKiritsi: As it turns out, she does. Although that was the first time I heard about it when I asked her... Looks like I'll add that under the pokemon anime!

NectariaKiritsion Nov. 7, 2011 at 12:09 a.m.
Wow! Really? She likes him? Thanks, Takashichea!
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