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I finished my Manhwa requests from my friends in the community. I'm going to take a dinner break, catch up on anime. I won't work on wiki. Have to do school work for the rest of the night.
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I bought so many manga from this store. After I finished my midterm, I went over there to buy Chibi Vampire Airmail & Bites, Soul Eater, Zuko (Avatar the last Airbender), and five Shaman King mangas. I know I can borrow manga from the library, but most of them are torn and missing the good scenes.
Update March 3, 2011
Edit: My first receipt but it's not only one. I went to two Borders stores in my hometown trying to find a special volume. 
Since Sotyfan16 posts a picture, I will do too.
As of April 6, 2011, it was the last day that Borders will operate. I procrastinated too much and went on the final day to check for some leftovers. All the manga were wiped clean except Biomega, Juvenile Remix, Bakuman, Cross Game, and Hyde and Closer. I chose Hyde and Closer because of it's cover. It was a cool looking teddy bear with a cigar. Plus, I bought James Patterson's Maximum Ride and Percey Jackson the movie for my younger sister and Courage the Cowardly dog for my baby brother.
It's not a bad haul.
 Chibi Vampire Bites and Airmail are in here. I must of lost them.
 Chibi Vampire Bites and Airmail are in here. I must of lost them.
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