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My Anime Vice Wiki Vitae


Started this list in December of 2010, I list pages that I have significantly worked on and pages that I created.

This list is not in chronological order only after Queen Vivaldi, I keep track of my wiki contributions. My goal is to accomplish 100 to fulfill that quest.

Details of the list

  • I give out the date, what I did, or why I chose to work on this page.
  • For Spring 2012 and Summer 2012 anime trailer anthology blogs, I create new pages and set it up for future wiki editors with my teammate BigHeart711.


  • Check out the summary list for all the wiki projects that I have been working on with my teammates.


As of May 24, 2011, this list has reach 100 items. Then on July 14, 2012, it exceeded 300 items because of the Quick Picks and Anime Trailer projects.

Note: Stopped adding Rave Master, Fairy Tail, and Shaman King related pages. I will put these on separate vitae lists. (6-11-2011)

Updates: As of late November 2011, added all people to a new list. Stopped adding these pages to this list.

1. Vulcan

I started this page because I love Fairy Tail and people who work hard on Fairy Tail, AnnaBanana and Obscurefan. December 2010?

2. Alice Liddel

I found a niche when I found a franchise page that needed characters and lots of detail. At a same time, I was just beginning to read the series, and I like the story. Novemeber 2010

3. Lithuania

My sister really likes this character for some reason, so I started his page. Now she just criticizes me for not adding enough images, information, etc.

4. Taurus

First time someone replied back to me on images. Obscurefan inspired me to just add random pictures. *As of 1/3/11, I am the top editor! Added Biography and Power paragraph

5. Poland

IMAGE Hunting Started it.

6. Latvia

IMAGE Hunting Started it. Give it some nutrients: images, friends, etc.

7. Peter White

Started it and work on the images, friends, and enemies. Found the romanji and his Japanese name.

8. Blood Dupre

Started it and work on the images, friends, and enemies. Found the romanji and his Japanese name.

9. Ace

Started it and work on the images, friends, and enemies. Found the romanji and his Japanese name.

10. Alice in the Country of Hearts

Since Gia or Ethan started the franchise, I just took it over. I started to add the characters, concepts, and objects. Currently, there are five volumes.

11. Lisanna Strauss

Since I started the Vulcan page, I added some of images from the episode and the Vulcan page to the Lisanna page. Thanks to careful image hunting. *During Fairy Tail Theme task of 4-25-2011, I added the origin, flashbacks, and references. I asked Anna for help on the character evolution because I have not read Edolas arc or S Class arc.

12. Queen Vivaldi

12/29/10 Started it and added anything I can, friends, enemies, and concepts.

13. Boris Airay

12/29/10 Started it and added anything I can, friends, enemies, and concepts.

14. Julius Monrey

12/31/10 Started it and added anything I can, friends, enemies, and concepts.

15. Switzerland

Made a new page for it. Work on the important parts. Thank Soramio for adding the links.

16. Jellal Fernandes

When it was October of 2010, there was not much stuff on him. As soon the anime progress and I couldn't catch due to school, the competition grew. My only contribution was images.

17. Greece

I noticed that his character page wasn't there and he's a friend of Japan, so I figured I'd get more points this way.

18. Estonia

I already had Lithuania and Latvia, so I guess I should add the third guy in the Baltic States and here he is...

19. Fire type (Pokémon)

Since I saw someone started a water type pokemon and link to the pokemon bounty page, I decided to the same. I search for images that people submitted and added them in.

20. Erza Scarlet

Completed the Caption Bounty on her with the help of little sis. 1-14-11 I have some images submitted.

21. Haku

Completed the caption bounty

22. Ayumu Aikawa

I find some images, trivia, and concepts. I am enjoying the show. Captioned Newten's images.
In the summer 2011, I did his format: origin, creation, evolution (relationships with Eucliwood), and powers with weaknesses.

23. Seraphim

Found an empty page with the name. Added the basics to it and connect it to the Kore wa Zombie Desu ka anime.
Summer 2011- I did her origin, creation, evolution (appearances and relationships), and powers.

24. Pokémon

Completed caption bounty on Jan 31, 2010

25. Shaman

My first concept page. Shaman King has no other unique concepts. 2-16-11

26. Soi Fon

Completed caption bounty. 2-23-2011

27. Franceska Mila Rose

Completed caption bounty. 2-23-2011

28. Mystogan

Helped Annabanana captioned all of her/his images. 1st week of February 2011 5-02-2011 Completed bounty for reformatting origin and creation part.


Created in 2-24-2011 for Faust's beloved Eliza

30. Asato Tsuzuki

My sister liked this character, but I only felt like adding concepts and stuff. No article work yet. 3-18-2011

31. Hisoka Kurosaki

I only felt like adding images and concepts. 3-18-2011

32. Watari Yutaka

Only felt like adding objects and concepts. 3-18-2011

33. Seiichiro Tatsumi

Only felt like adding images and concepts and objects and stuff. 3-18-2011

34. Kazutaka Muraki

Did article work because he's the most interesting character in the show, the whole reason why my sister even likes the franchise. 3-18-2011

35. Descendants of Darkness

I chose this as the default image because my sister liked the image and thought it was exciting. I'll change when I can find something better. Just added images and information for the first episode. 3-18-2011 EDIT: Found something better!

36. Memorial Tablet (Shaman King)

3-19-2011 It's a common object in Shaman King.

37. Shaman King

3-19-2011? Started during Shaman King Project. Did a lot during Spring Break. As of 5-12-11, finished 14 volumes and edit 9 volumes.


3-19-2011 I did it for Annabanana and the Fairy Tail Wiki team. It's a pink scarf image dedicated to the pink hair of Natsu Dragnil.


3-22-11 It was thanks to Firefoxxart for finding the name. All I can find is the purpose of those bandages, but I could not find the name without his help. Piface helped me too.


3-26-11 I just noticed that no one added it as an object yet.

41. Red Moon

3-26-11 I like this concept.

42. Singer

3-26-11 We have doctors and scientists, and now we have singers.


3-26-11 Another eye color...except this one has criteria...

44. Chief Konoe

3-26-11 Supporting character.

45. Wakaba Kannuki

3-26-11 Doesn't appear that much. A shame.

46. Maria Wong

3-26-11 Character that only appears in the first arc.

47. Hakushaku

3-26-11 Appears mostly in the manga.

48. Watson

3-26-11 Hakushaku's zombie butler.

49. Gushoshin

3-26-11 Flying chickens with ribbons.

50. Slavery

Discovered it on Eganthevile1's page on 3-31-11 I added as much Fairy Tail characters I thought were slaves from the Tower of Heaven Arc and Oracion Seis.

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  • 4-15-12: I added creation sections to Yuuki Cross, Zero, and Kaname of the Vampire Knight franchise; work on Isshoni H Shiyo's merchandise and character sections.
  • For Quick Picks during July 2012 - Created Negima! Magister Negi Magi,
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