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Ran out of time today. Since I got home pretty late from Church, I had to catch up on school work. I didn't get to do some wiki after the caption article and requests. I got morning class on Mon-Thurs. Got to fix my schedule this semester.
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Purpose: This is a personal checklist to keep track of what work that my team and I do. I have to break down the tasks to manage my time.

Current Projects in July: Blue Exorcist episodes, Fairy Tail episodes, Shaman King volumes, reformatting Gosick episodes (started 2nd week of summer school), and reformatting Shadowknight508's characters.

Active Current teammates: Anna and Newten (Fairy Tail).

Supporting Teammates/Pillars of SUPPORT:

  • Wiki - Fire_Star, Obsidian609, Wales, BigHeart711, ShadowKnight508, Halbierderv2, Auron570, Newten, FoxxFireArt
  • Reviews/ Guides - Newten, Soty16, Jbog
  • Advice - Wales, FoxxFireArt, Soty16

June 2011-July 10, 2011

*Since I haven't make a log and the vitae lists don't have dates of work, I put down June in this blog. I apologize if this list is messy for this section.


Rave Master project started in May 17, 2011 and has ended on June 28, 2011.

  • Fire_Star and I finished the Rave Master anime project and all of the characters except the Doryu Squad and manga exclusive characters like Celia.
  • Anna, Wales, and I finished FoxxFireArt's bounty tasks for Fairy Tail due to the Funimation's dub cast. (see Fairy Tail Bounty Hunter Recognition blog)
  • I finished four Shaman King volumes: 19, 21, 22, and 23.
  • For Fairy Tail episodes, Anna and I take turns on Ep. 82-86 (Did this method since May). Newten join in our little project on Ep. 87 since he starts the weekly Fairy Tail episode coverage. Go Newten!
  • For ShadowKnight508's characters, I formatted the following with the help of BigHeart711 and ShadowKnight508:
  1. Astraea: Origin, Powers and Creation.
  2. Kubato Arutaro: Creation and turn images into small and medium depending on the shape. (IE: one page is small while two pages are medium).
  3. Chaos: Origin and Powers.
  • I start up a new project of tackling Blue Exorcist episodes while my old partner, Fire_Star, work on Soul Eater episodes.

Start of a New Project, Blue Exorcist

  • For Blue Exorcist, finished episode "Cat Sith," and "Amahara Garden." Worked on Shiemi's origin, creation, story arcs, and powers.
  • Created for Blue Exorcist, Kuro, Renzo, Bon, and Ryuji.
  • On July 8 and 10, I completed FoxxFireArt's bounty tasks for Rin Okumura.

Section completed for now.

Summer School - July 11, 2011-Aug. 19, 2011

Week One: July 10-16

  • Goals: Finish new Blue Exorcist 13 and Fairy Tail Episode 88 this week.
  • Accomplishments: Finished Blue Exorcist 13 and Fairy Tail Episode 88. Newten added the images for Fairy Tail.
  • Extra bonus work: Finished shaman king volumes 24. Worked on characters Shiemi, Kamiki, and Shura. Finished Blue Exorcist's episodes 6 and 8.

Week Two: July 17-23

  • Goals: Finish new Blue Exorcist 14 and Fairy Tail Episode 89 this week. (It's was supposed to be Anna's turn, but I did it because I think she's busy.) Also, I will be doing drafts of Shaman King beginner guide and review. Format Gosick episodes 1-10.
  • Accomplishments: Finished Blue Exorcist 14 and Fairy Tail Episode 89. Did Gosick ep. 1-4. Realized I have to do full plot summaries for 3-10.
  • Extra Bonus work: I noticed Anna's absence, so I did plot summaries for Beelzebub 25 and 26. Finished Shaman King vol. 25.
  • Off Tangent wiki work: Worked on Teresa Beria's origin, creation, real world history, and created war rape forum thread.

**New Team Forged for Gosick

  • Halberdierv2 and Auron570 who will do some episodes and tackle the characters while I work on reformatting episodes.

Week Three: July 24-30

  • Goals: Finish Blue Exorcist 15, Fairy Tail 90, Gosick 5-6, and submit Shaman King Review. Work on Beelzebub 27 if Anna does not return.
  • Accomplishments: Published the Blue Exorcist Recognition blog. Finished BE 15, FT 90, Beelzebub 27, and Gosick 5-6.
  • Off Tangent Wiki work: I went back and format Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?'s characters: Eucliwood, Haruna, Seraphim, and Maelstrom because it's my former, postponed project. Looking at Ayumu Aikawa's page, it's already formatted. It's looks bad if I did not format the other characters.
  • Failed Goals: I did not do the Shaman King review since I don't have much time.

Week Four: July 31-August 6

  • Goals: Finish Blue Exorcist 16 and Fairy Tail 91's plot summaries. For Gosick, reformat episode 7 and do its plot summaries. Finish Beelzebub 28 if Anna is not here.
  • Accomplishments: Finished plot summaries for Beelzebub 28, Blue Exorcist 16, Fairy Tail 91, Gosick 7-8, and Shaman King 43.
  • Off Tangent Wiki Work: After finding Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?'s images for ep. 12, I added the OVA and the last episode for the series.

Week Five: August 7-12

  • Goals: Finish Blue Exorcist 17 and Fairy Tail 92 (if Anna will not take it).
  • Accomplishments: Finished plot summaries for Beelzebub 29,
  • Off Tangent Wiki work: Did the table of contents plus notes for Rosario Vampire II's volumes 4-5.

Week Six: August 13-19

  • Goals: Finish Blue Exorcist 18 and Fairy Tail 93.
  • Accomplishments: Finished Fairy Tail 93 while Anna finished Blue Exorcist 18. Anna came home, and later, Piface314 came home.
  • Off Tangent Wiki work: Can't remember, but I recall finishing Gosick episode 9 and 10.

Great Fairy Tail Hulu wiki tasks (August 15)

  • FoxxFireArt created many of these tasks that dealt with adding voices under the creation and creating many minor characters. Earlier, FoxxFireArt created many Persona wiki tasks which Wales and Obscurefan work on it.
  • Start of a new project:

When Piface314 came home, she proposed to Anna and I that we start working on Sket Dance franchise. See team blog (Sket Dance Wiki Project: Team Wiki Nation - Anna, Piface314, Taka) that started on August 18, 2011.

Blog is completely finished updating as of August 26, 2011.

Spotlight Intell

My intel for spotlight page 8-1-2011-8-6-2011


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