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Hello everyone! I somehow lost track of time, but that's because I was wiki editing and working too much. It's all right since we can catch up together. After a whole of doing the tables for the Quick Picks: July 2013 Edition, Mushibugyo is a nice break. This blog is going to be short. I'm a little brain dead.

Let's hit up with a mix of summary and impressions. Oh, don't forget to hit up the Mushibugyo Discussion. I love to chat here or there. This series just needs a bit more love.


Ep. 13: We'll Show You Everything!! The Edo Women's Baths!!

Episode 13 was a recap episode complete with fan service of three lovely ladies.

I don't know if we're going to see our self-conscious-about-her-breast-size news reporter. She disappeared. It wasn't a bad episode. It didn't give anything new, but it delivered sultry bath scenes. I love how they keep emphasizing how Insect Magistrate cannot stop thinking of Jinbei. Now, there are three girls who are in love with Jinbei. Jinbei is one clueless player. Regarding Hibachi, she doesn't show it, but her recap included Jinbei.

Episode 14: Insect!? Man!? A Mysterious Enemy Attacks!

This episode had a lot of grisly scenes where an insect man named Sarutobi chowed down on the people of Edo. Meanwhile, Jinbei and the others got all powered up from training. It also showcases two minor characters who haven't had a lot of spotlight. The names escape me since I haven't done the wiki pages for this anime series enough. With his Fuji Hammer technique mastered, he just swatted every ninja fly into the ground. I love that part.

Episode 15: To Kishuu! The Ten Crucifix Insects of Sanada Appear!

Where did Mugai go? It has been a while since I seen him.

"Your mother had big cans"
"Your mother had big cans"

In this episode, Jinbei's fan boy, Ieshige, reveals how much of a fan boy he is to Insect Magistrate. I love how the two got rowdy over Haru shoving her bazingas over Jinbei. Also, it reveals Jinbei's mother for the first time. It's quite amusing to see Jinbei's dad sharing how he got married after being reminded by Haru's boobs. Lots of boobage in this episode. Though, there was a bloody scene where an insectman who looked like one of those Sentai Rangers just smashed through a pile of corpse. Yeah, I just want to slap the staff for having fun with the violence.

Episode 16: The Cool Guy in Glasses Lectures on Right and Wrong

Insect Magistrate, Ooka, and Jinbei are taking a lovely trip to Kishuu. It's strange yet amusing that Ooka, the smartest guy in Edo, doesn't realize that Insect Magistrate is in love with Jinbei. I just love how she reacts with Jinbei. Sorry guys and gals, I just find her cute and adorable than the rest of the female cast. Haru is sexy, but she is a flat character. Hibachi has spunk and a bit of tsundere in herself. I like tsunderes, too. Insect Magistrate blows Hibachi away.

For action, Jinbei's fight with that one Insect Man was awesome. It revealed that these insect men were once human. It makes sense how these guys can fight so well. The bad stuff about this episode was the whole right and wrong montage. It drag on a bit long.

I hope you guys and gals enjoy the rest of Mushibugyo. It is full of cliches and tropes such as damsel in distress. If you don't mind the cliches, the heavy fan service, and the heavy violence with censorship, this show is for you.

Meanwhile, I should add some news characters to the wiki project!

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