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Welcome everyone! I'm here to promote the Mushibugyo discussion thread.


After doing a mini marathon, Mushibugyo is generally a fun Shonen series that had a bad execution at the first episode. It reminds me of Rock Lee and his Ninja Pal series where most folks dropped it on episode 1. Then, both series gradually gets better after the first episode. The first episode has pacing problems. It rushes to cover how Jinbei got to Edo and to the introduction of the Mushibugyo group. I got this impression from manga fans. Two of the cons I have seen from fans about Mushibugyo's first episode is that how it had so much fan service and it has the whole damsel in distress trope. After episode 1, Mushibugyo jumps straight into the characters of the Mushibugyo team and covering their back stories.

Major Spoiler Warnings Below


Jinbei is an easily lovable character who trains hard and befriends the Mushibugyo group. At first, the Mushibugyo group hated him, but they end up liking him. Like Kotori Matsunohara said, Jinbei is the glue that holds everyone together. For the rest of characters, they stand out especially their Crazy Anime Hair. You might have a favorite one. Hibachi is the explosives specialist, and like Jinbei, she looks up to Mugai and wants Mugai to recognize her. Shingiku Koikawa is like a drunk Kenpachi Zaraki (for those who watch Bleach). He is a laid back ex-convict who can slash rocks and objects with a polished edge. Tenma is defensive specialist who uses Shikigami. His back story is interesting because he is actually scared of insects especially centipedes and others that wriggle and squirm.

While the previous episodes 2-4 cover the other characters, episode 5 does focus on Mugai but does not reveal much. Mugai is a mysterious guy who used to be a part of the Mushikari. Though, it's interesting to note that Koikawa's mother was killed by the Mushikari. I wonder if Koikawa has any grudges against Mugai and his group. We have to wait and find in later episodes.


For those who hate fan service, this show is not for you. Haru and Hibachi are usually sources of fan service when their clothes get ripped off. There is a lot of Gainax Bounce for Haru. It does follow the Monster of the Day trope by introducing a new insect, but it does keep things interesting with the character back stories. Like I discussed earlier, the first episode can rub people off the wrong way by portraying Haru as a damsel in distress. Plus, the part where she gets kidnapped, the spiders just drip their white web stuff all over her.

I was expecting Nakama cliches for this anime, but it didn't. It's nice to see a Shonen anime without a whole friendship speech once in a while.

Mushibugyo is a Shonen series that you should not take seriously. It's a mindless shonen series that revolves around a group of samurai protecting Japan from insects. It's like Powerpuff Girls in a sense but with more fan service and blood. It's not a battle shonen manga series like Naruto, Bleach, or One Piece.

Hope you guys and gals enjoy Mushibugyo.

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