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Hello everyone! Today, I'm promoting Karneval, one of the spring 2013 anime series, by sharing my first impressions.

I tried the show because of its trailer (Spring 2013 Trailer: Karneval) and its colorful poster art. I'm still looking for anime series outside of my preference zone: comedy and shonen. I figured another Josei theme show after trying Natsuyuki Rendezvous series wouldn't hurt me.

Genre: Supernatural, Action, Sci-Fi,

Plot: Armed with only an abandoned bracelet as a clue, Nai searches for someone dear to him. After a run in with a pick-pocket named Gareki, the two find themselves involved in a government set-up that leaves them wanted criminals. Desperate and on-the-run, Nai and Gareki turn to the country’s most powerful defense organization--“Circus”--for help.

You can watch Karneval legally at FUNimation or HULU.


Here is a brief overview of the characters along with my first impressions of them.

Nai is a mysterious boy whose age is unknown.

I say Nai is about 14 years old. When I see Nai, he reminds me of Yashiro Isana from K. Though, I was surprised that he is voiced by Hiro Shimono, the man who voices Sasuke Tsubaki.
Gareki is a 15 years old thief.

Even though he does things for his own benefit, he is a nice guy deep inside.
Hirato is 27 years old and the Second Ship's Captain.

He takes the strict captain role.
Tsukumo is 16 years old one of Circus Second Ship's fighters.

She is quiet but tough as nails. I like her.
Yogi is 21 years old and is one of the Circus Second Ship's fighters.

When I first saw the guy, he was wearing a cat suit, Nyanperowna. I enjoyed Yogi in how he interacts with everyone. He eases the tense in the show.

First Impressions

The first episode showcased something unexpected. I was expecting the colorful things, but I watch a grisly scene of a monster chowing down a guy in the beginning. Then, it shifts to a train scene where Nai uses his special ability to find the bombs. The first episode hook me in because I wanted to find out more about Nai and this person, Karoku, whom Nai searches for. The cute, colorful, and comedic scenes shines in episode 2 and 3 with Yogi. This is when I started to enjoy Karneval and continue to watch the series.


It's for everyone who enjoys a bit of supernaturaI and mystery show along with some exciting action pieces. It looks like an innocent Josei show, but it could get dark a bit. I recommended the anime series to UsaChanMan - who loved it.

Please check out the Karneval Discussion that is located in the Community Directory: Discussion Threads, Lists, Projects & More! on the forum page. I hope to see you guys and gals over there.

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