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On Crunchyroll, there was an article featuring the LeetStreet Boys' latest animated music video. I fell in love with their music and their references to video games and anime.

LeetStreet Boys are the greatest otaku band ever! Spanning across the multimedia of music, animation, comics and games, they play songs about their passion for anime, video games and Japanese culture.

Their line-up includes dreamy singer/songwriter Matt, pompous guitarist Justin, super-cool bassist Rose and temperamental dragon drummer D-Dos.

Source: LeetStreet Boys

Here are three animated music videos.

“Cosplay Girlfriend” and "She's So Kawaii" is featured on the LeetStreet Boys’ 2nd album, “Otaku Hearts.”

Track List:

  1. Otaku Hearts
  2. Up All Night
  3. She’s So Kawaii
  4. Cosplay Girlfriend
  5. Lady And The Trap
  6. Expert Mode
  7. VK Band
  8. Super Saiyan
  9. Noobslayer
  10. Miku
  11. 1Wide-eyed Princess

Yuri The Only One is featured in the debut album.

Track list:

  1. Masquerade
  2. Otaku Anthem (I Wanna Live)
  3. Yuri The Only One
  4. Guitar Hero Hero
  5. Haruhi
  6. Pixel Girl
  7. LeetStreet Fighter
  8. The Fanboy Of The Opera
  9. Rockstar Games
  10. In Another Time

If you enjoy their songs, support them. They also have a Youtube Channel.

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