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La Storia della Arcana Famiglia Report - Ep. 1: La notte del compleanno

Welcome everyone to the first La Storia della Arcana Famiglia Weekly Report!

For those who are new to this series, I welcome y'all to try it out. It's a reverse harem series that revolves around an Italian Mafia family.

Plot: The Arcana Famigila protects Regalo Island with powers granted to them the Tarocco. At birthday party for the head of the family, “Papa” Mondo, he tells them he is thinking about retirement and the Arcana Duello will begin.

By Crunchyroll



  • You got a cool Italian Mafia family who have some cool powers called Arcana. The ones who have powers have a card with an Italian name. I find it really interesting.
  • Classic Love Triangle or Rivalry: I enjoyed Libertà and Nova's rivalry and how they complement each other. Between them, they have a goal to help Felicitá gain her freedom.
  • To everyone: What was your favorite characters? - For me, I find Luca and Dante, awesome and funny characters.


  • The exposition feels a little strange when the head of the Mafia decides to step down and arrange a tournament called Duello Arcana where the winner claims his daughter as his/ or her bride.
  • Plus, this anime is based on a game. For game fans, it might be bad if the anime doesn't have alternate routes, but I haven't see anime with multiple endings.
  • Hit or Miss with the Main Heroine: This is crucial for harem and reverse harem series. The main player (bad pun, I know) has to be likeable. So far, you may hate or love her. I hope she matures in this series because she needs more of a rebellious and spicy attitude. She's not a sweet girl who is going with daddy's orders to become a trophy wife.
  • Next episode seems like a filler. They're looking for a cat.


Weird: What if the winner is a girl? I had that question. Since it's reverse harem, you don't usually see female love interests in those harems.

Overall, this episode is good but not awesome. I'm still interested to watch and do wiki work on it. This series is for people who enjoy reverse harems or those who want to try it.

Right now, the best reverse harem shows would be Ouran High School Host Club.


Thank you everyone for reading this weekly report. Sorry for posting this late. I'll try to get this up early. I was busy with other wiki projects. Please see July's wiki projects.

New Wiki Pages: Arcana Famiglia (concept), Regalo Island, Arcana Powers

Characters: Felicitá, Libertà, Nova, Debito, Mondo, Pace

My partner, , is going to add the rest of the new characters.

Updates: Luca, Sumire, Jolly, Dante

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