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After working on Robotics;Notes for a while with my teammate, Acura Max, we come across this mysterious song. At first, I thought this song was exclusive to Robotics;Notes until I look it up. It's a children's song sung in Japan just like Ring Around the Rosie is sung across Europe and America.

Here is how you play the game

It's similar to Duck, Duck, Goose game where the one player is the Oni. The Oni is blindfolded, and while the children join hands in a circle, they walk around the Oni and sing. Once they stop singing, the Oni has to guess the name of the person behind them.

Interestingly enough, Kagome Kagome song has some eerie meanings just like Ring Around the Rosie. Ring Around the Rosie is a song referring to the Bubonic Plague. You put a flower called a posie in the deceased's pocket before you burn the dead body.

For Kagome Kagome, Wikipedia has listed a few theories:

  1. It could be referring to a prostitute where she is trapped and wonder when she can escape.
  2. It could be referring to a pregnant woman who was pushed down a flight of stairs. This causes her to have a miscarriage.
  3. It could be referring to a prisoner who is wondering when he will be executed, and the cage is his prison.
Kagome KagomeRing Around the Rosie
Kagome kagome / The bird in the basket/cage,
When, oh when will it come out
In the night of dawn
The crane and turtle slipped
Who is it in front of behind

Ring-a-round a rosie,
A pocket full of posies,
Ashes! Ashes!

We all fall down.


I wonder how this song ties in with the anime series. Who's the little bird in the song?

As a bonus, here is a creepy Vocaloid version of the song.

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