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Finished transferring 10 episodes so far to SK Wikia on my end. I do as much as I can.
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I always check the characters, concepts, and sometimes objects to see if they are okay. There's too much characters to list here that I look at and maintain it. I create this blog to inform new users and to prevent future vandalism. I got a master list here that I can just click and click to check biweekly.


  • Shaman I created this for the shaman king project. I update it if I see new information. I am not sure if there is other franchises that have shamans in it.
  • Ghost - I made a table for every franchise. I must be a table maniac.
  • Rock Hard Abs - I made this because anime vice needs to stay from idolizing breasts and other womanly areas. Just kidding. I made this because I work on Fairy Tail too much and see Gray and Lyon stripping. I chose Alex Armstrong Image because it's a wonderful image for that concept. Speaking of concepts, I added a table of concepts. I picked Armstrong, Lyon with Gray, Stein, and Erza Scarlet for the table.
    Please add some characters to this concept. It needs love.
  • Implied Sex Scene - I saw this "theme" in Shaman King, Abenobashi, and Fate Stay Night. Now, I  make sure people add their info.  Please thank Dekken for uploading a beautiful image of Takashi and Saeko's implied sex scene.
  • Cultural Diversity - I wrote on the concept thread that I created this to break the racial barrier in Anime. That page is difficult to write for. I have not added the characters, but the locations.
  • Guild - Thanks to DestinyHeroKnight for adding this. I added a table of Fairy Tail people stamps on it.
  • Animal Cruelty - Killing pandas is no-no when I saw Ren's dad kill the panda for no reason.
  • X-Laws - Still working on it and its table.
  • Hao's Followers -  I got one or two more people. Got to finish anime/manga differences for it.
  • Patch Tribe -  Still working on it. I only read the manga up to 15, so there's not much Patch Tribe officiants.
  • Yin and Yang - Provide an outline: Overview, Character Table, Concept Example, and Other media. I am proud of this page.
  • Loss of Innocence - I provide an outline and filled in the reasons. Somewhere in May, I find Juuhachi submitted her Shiki characters on that page. 
  • Silver Claiming - Created this one for the Rave Master Project with Fire_Star in May. Still working on it.
  • Promise - The concept thread inspired me to do it.
  • Broken Promise - Also, the concept thread inspires me to do it.
  • Beauty Mark - 6-2-2011
  • Lip Ginity
  • Team Hana Gumi
  • Team Ice Men
  • Team Funabari Hot Springs
Images from Shaman, Rock Hard Abs, Implied Sex Scene, Cultural Diversity

New Concepts Added due to Rave Master Wiki Project and other Inspirations


  • Oracle Pager - I made a color table!
  • Scarf - Inspired by Natsu and Anna, Obscurefan, Piface314, Obsidian609, and the Fairy Tail Team
  • Sarashi - I thank FoxxFireArt for helping me start on this because I did not know the Japanese word for this "bandages". I like to thank Piface314 because she told me about tvtropes, a good source of info. Though she and FoxxFireArt added more characters than me.
  • Candle - For the benefit of Anime Vice. It started with a Descendants of Darkness inspiration.

This is a general list of wikis what I worry about. I have to update it and check on it from time to time.
I also worked on people's concepts such as guild and ghost. There are more concepts that need love.
Here is a link to concept idea threads. EganTheVile1, sickVisionz, and the others have contributed so much to Anime Vice.
Go Anime Vice!
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