takashichea: Hetalia colored comic Hetalia colored comic
takashichea moderator on Dec. 18, 2010 at 4:22 p.m.
I scanned this off the back of the first volume of the Hetalia: Axis Powers manga. The dialogue is blurry, the image is darker than I would've liked, but it could have been worse. I bought the volume for my little sister since that December holiday is coming up. I didn't think it would be so large and thin; it's kind of like Azumanga Daioh... Anyway, here's what they're saying:
Panel One:
Germany: Today's lesson is about how to get along with your subordinates in the army. *This can affect morale so it's very important.
Italy: Yessir! Ger...I mean, Captain!
 Panel Two:
Germany: First of all, before being soldiers your men are humans, so it is also important to come across as gentle.
Italy: Gentle...*pat pat*
Panel Three:
Germany: Then, sometimes, strict!
Italy: Strict! *squish squish squish*
Panel Four:
Italy: Captaaiin! It's treaaason! Treaaason!!!! Aaaah! *The cat's tongue is rough!
Germany: What are you doing?! Italy!!!

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Date Added:Dec. 18, 2010
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