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Purpose: To motivate Hellsing fans to work on Hellsing pages.

There is one man on that franchise, Toxin45. He's working hard on this franchise and posting threads.

Come on, people! Are you going to just wiki binge on his works without providing the meat? Hell no!


Comment on his threads and other Hellsing threads, too. You got to show a Hellsing Brother some love.

Why Work on Hellsing?

For those who haven't heard of Hellsing, Hellsing is a bloody show about vampires and the war between humans and vampires and vampires against other vampires. Alucard is part of an organization called Hellsing which aims to protect Great Britain from supernatural enemies such as vampires.

The Benefits of working on Hellsing

  • Respect
  • Appreciation for the Gothic arts
  • Increased vampire knowledge
  • Gothic Wiki Editor's Reputation - You working on a freaking vampire series that most people get scared of. For real.

Job Description

  • Must tolerate blood and violence
  • Love the gore, dark comedy, and ecchi
  • Have a fetish/ passion for vampires or the supernatural

I'll be glad to add some suggestions to the job description or the benefits.

Be sure to contact Toxin45 because I'm just a random wiki editor. Just doing my job to get things done in Anime Vice. Please help out Toxin45 if you are a Hellsing fanatic or if you interested in the show.

Thanks for reading! Peace out!

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