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I saw this on Amazon and Danbooru. Every month, I upload posters from Megami and Nyantype, magazines that features posters from current anime series and done by different artists in very risque poses and post at the Ecchi Club. This magazine, Girls Mate, is a new one I haven't seen. I seen magazines aim towards women, Pash!, while others aim for both genders, Animedia and Newtype. Girls Mate is like the normal and doesn't show any bikini or skin like Megami and Nyantype. It also features current anime series with the exception of Kinmoza which aired in summer of 2013.

I couldn't find a place to showcase this magazine and their posters. It's not risque enough for the Ecchi Club.

Thanks to Danbooru for uploading the images and thank you everyone for reading. Hope you enjoy the posters.

How I got into posters, blame Daniel Newton. He got me to help with him in the Megami and Nyantype magazine. I spent some of my break time in Amazon.co.jp looking at magazines for some odd reason.

Anime: Jinsei

Characters Featured: Rino Endou, Fumi Kujou, Ikumi Suzuki, Ayaka Nikaidou

Anime: Bladedance of Elementalers

Characters Featured: Claire Rouge, Ellis Fahrengart, Fianna Ray Ordessia, Rinslet Laurenfrost, and Terminus Est

Anime: Locodol

Characters Featured: Yukari Kohinata, Yui Mikoze, Mirai Nazukari, Nanako Usami

Anime: Rail Wars!

Characters Featured: Haruka Koumi, Aoi Sakura

Anime: Glasslip

Characters Featured: Hina Fukami, Touko Fukami, Sachi Nagamiya, and Yanagi Takayama

Anime: Kinmoza! Kiniro + Mosaic

Characters Featured: Alice Cartelet, Yoko Inokuma, Aya Komichi, Karen Kujo, Shinobu Omiya
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