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The year is 2025. Earth is engulfed in the crossfire between massive warring alien life forms that leave annihilation in their wake. While searching for clues about his past, Ao is caught in an attack and forced to fly a giant humanoid fighter craft to save himself and his island. Fragments of the teenager's origin come to light when a hostile shape-shifter seeking revenge on Ao's missing mother—who vanished two years after his birth—targets him instead. Consumed with learning how his machine of war is connected to his mother and the monster that now pursues him, the young pilot will fly full throttle into combat zones without hesitation.

Dub Cast

  • Ao - Micah Solusod
  • Naru - Lindsay Seidel
  • Fleur - Sainty Reid
  • Elena - Jad Saxton
  • Ivica - John Swasey
  • Rebecka - Jamie Marchi
  • Truth - Todd Haberkorn
  • Gazelle - Brandon Potter
  • Noa - Monica Rial

Funimation will release the series on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on October 15. BONES' television anime sequel to its first Eureka Seven anime series premiered in Japan in April 2012. The anime sequel features the return of the original anime's director Tomoki Kyoda, as well as several mechanical designers, art director, color stylist, visual effects director, and director of photography. The first anime's character designer Kenichi Yoshida and main mechanical designer Shoji Kawamori are also credited for "key character designs" and "Nirvash designs," respectively.

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