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Working all over the place for Anime Vice today. Doing various wiki requests, checking battle threads, adding DVD releases, adding Hentai, and capping images on top of homework. I'll be online the rest of the evening. PM me if you need me.
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Mari Maya: Police Officer beats Doctor!
Mari Maya: Police Officer beats Doctor!

Hello everyone, I know it's not Friday, but I was caught by surprise when my family had me work at the restaurant in the afternoon. I keep this blog short because I got to do finish Star Trek at Screened. Plus, these crazy blogs are good for destressing oneself from work and wiki.

Let's do this!

I asked some random folks in Anime Vice, Twitter, and Comic Vine.

Anime Vice

Joy oh Joy There are two perfect girls for me
Joy oh Joy There are two perfect girls for me

BigHeart711 says this:

I'm most attached to the school uniforms more than the general work uniforms. A close second goes to the nurse uniforms.

Oh, I see BigHeart711 likes nurses, and I know why he watches Pokemon.

Bigz007 says:

Erza: Is it bad that we don't wear bras underneath our costumes?
Erza: Is it bad that we don't wear bras underneath our costumes?

If we're talking about an outfit fetish then it's probably cat girl outfit that work for me the most.

Yes, Fairy Tail and other anime make us swoon over cat and bunny girl outfits. I should know Bigz007 likes Erza's cat outfit.

Daniel Newton says:

I love the sexy librarian look. Sexy and sophisticated.

Barney: Chicks dig guys in suits
Barney: Chicks dig guys in suits

Daniel Newton didn't say he had a uniform fetish, but in the Fetish Friday: Glasses are Hot, Baby edition, he dig the librarian look. I'm taking his answer as implied.

For me, I like a woman in business attire for some odd reason. That's why I'm have a thing for teachers! You can say I'm a guy who likes suiting up just like Barney from How I Met Met Your Mother. I have a thing for suits being a waiter.


Most folks ignored me like last time. This time, I asked Gia! Though, she didn't give me an answer. I guess I wasn't subtle enough. I should have worked on PR skills better.

Gia, tell me!

Comic Vine

The only person that replied was my buddy .

Hey you! =D How have you been? Hard to believe the year is almost over. =O Hehehe! xD Uniform fetishes? =O Hehe! xD Nothing swoons me over more than the Assassin Creed's hoodie and Master Chief's armor. =O Anime-wise though, I'd say Lelouch's outfit! =3 Hehe! xD Do you have any? Would make a great article for AV! Hehehe! Maybe it's the innocence! xD You should do a belt fetish for Nomura! =O

Tetsuya Nomura, the godfather of Final Fantasy has a thing for belts and zippers. I think she likes military men and men of stature.


I forgot to do this. Do you know any characters in anime and manga that have a uniform fetish? Don't forget to share your uniform fetishes!

I'm not happy with my captions if you notice how many times I changed it.

Anime and Manga Characters with Uniform Fetishes

Mari Maya

She loves cops.

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