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Finished Campione and Aesthetica. I'm going to work on saving Gargantia summaries.
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I know it's not Friday, but today is Father's Day. I got sidetracked due to work, school, and other businesses. Hey everyone, how was father's day? I spent the whole day working at the diner with my father. That was pretty much it aside from being shocked that he wanted me to take over the business.

Anyways, let's get started on this weird blog/project I started out on a spur of the moment a few months ago or so. Previous Fetish Fridays were done with comments from Twitter. I ask random Vicers and former Vicers about their fetishes. Sometimes, they found me crazy and ignored me. Others shared with me with some fun details. I share that with everyone after explaining why is this a fetish. Right now, I didn't had time to ask folks on Twitter. I would love to for next time.

Reasons Why Folks Love Dads

My brain is fried after working the whole day. I was reading the MILF and Mature Men and Women Fetish friday blogs to refresh my memory.

  • Like the mature women fetish, having the smarts, the fun, and the sexiness. He's dependable and reliable.
  • Some are doting while some treat folks with some tough love.

That's all I have for now. Here's a quick list of anime fathers I thought of a few minutes ago. I excluded deceased fathers.

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi
He's a proud superhero, Wild Tiger, who finds himself forced into a partnership with a new guy. He is a brash, reckless guy but good natured. He's on my list for being a cool dad.
Spirit Albarn
A womanizer and one of the Top Death Scythes in DWMA. For those who haven't seen Soul Eater, there are folks who protect others by becoming a weapon and joining a Meister, the person who wields the weapon. After a divorce with his wife, Spirit tries to make it up to Maka, his daughter. Despite being a bad dad and unfaithful to his wife, he's on my list for being one of the entertaining characters I grew to love along with Stein and Shinigami in the show.
Isshin Kurosaki
Father of Ichigo Kurosaki - a doting man who treats his daughters like princesses but roughs his son with tough love. He's a single father, raising three kids by himself after losing his wife. (Can't mention spoilers here for new folks who just got into Bleach)
He's on my list for being a fun character.
Joseph Joestar
When he was his own main character during Battle Tendency arc, he was nothing like his father who was a true gentleman. Joseph is arrogant and cocky in his abilities. Facing a strong opponent he cannot beat yet, he would cheat his way out. Now, in Stardust Crusaders, he plays the grandpa role to Jotaro and father role to Holy.

Thank you everyone for reading. What's your list of cool anime and manga dads?

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