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Hey everyone! I thought it will fun to relax and share some adventures with my siblings who are anime fans. I did this blog to promote family in this community. Plus, it shows that you don't have buy anime/manga merchandise to support the franchise you love. The library is a cool place because you check out books and read for pleasure. I'm a college student who work odd jobs, so buying anime/manga can be pricey. I have the library as my resource.

Inspirations: I did this blog because of my family and Sotyfan16 who is a great guy and did those cool Dunce Cap videos and Anime/Manga purchases.

My first trip, I went solo to the library because my little brother and sister still had school. I had their favorites kept in the back of my head when I checking out the manga volumes. Later in July, I went with my siblings for the 2nd and 3rd visit, and I'll publish those blogs soon.

Ponyo and I AM Legend
Ponyo and I AM Legend

I checked out Ponyo and I am Legend. I picked Ponyo because my little sister wanted to see the movie. Plus, we're Miyazaki fans. I loved Princess Mononoke while she loves Spirited Away. For I Am Legend, I just saw this DVD while browsing through the shelves. When I saw the title, I remember the book I read that was based on a novel of the same name back in 12th grade. It was for a biology course that had outside reading. I find it cool that Will Smith is playing the lead character.

After watching Ponyo, it was a good movie, but the only thing I find bad was it didn't really have a conflict. Most Miyazaki films, there was a conflict that the characters must overcome, and Ponyo had a romance element, but it didn't felt satisfying without a true struggle/conflict. In I Am Legend, I loved the movie better than the book because the main character was a better hero. I think I spent $1.10 for each DVD, and I'm allowed to keep it for a week. It's pretty cheap and convenient. The library has a narrower selection than Netflix when it comes to newer titles.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

I checked these volumes for my little sister and I. It was Superevil225 who got me into the series after I tried watching the anime due to her Weird or What? blogs. It was a strange series, but I love its bizarre yet sarcastic humor. Zetsubou and Kafuka are characters that really complement each other. Zetsubou (Nozomu Itoshiki) is a teacher who hates his name because if you put his Kanji together in a horizontal fashion, it means despair. Itoshiki is a pessimistic guy, and Kafuka is a girl who is very optimistic and sees the good in everything. The manga is a different story from the anime. It has tons of words, and usually, it takes me about 2 hours to read a whole volume. Since I don't watch or read a lot of anime/manga, I end up missing references they make.

Hyde and Closer is for my little brother who loves Yugioh, card games, Bakugan, Beyblade, Pokemon and anime shows that involves games. I'm not a fan of the series, but I enjoy reading it with my bro who relates himself to Shunpei Closer. The series is a innocent Shonen series that involves sorcery and curse dolls. There is some light fan service, but my brother is not reaching that age where they question the birds and the bees. I don't worry about that yet.

Samurai Champloo - I didn't know they had a manga series. I fell in love with the anime since I watched in Toonami when I was in sixth grade or so. At first, I was terrified of the blood and senseless violence and profanity. In time, I was desensitized to that because of Mugen, Fuu, and Jin whose stories touch me. I was a naive teenager who didn't know about sex, human trafficking, and Bushido. The anime has got me to love and appreciate world history.

For the manga, it was less serious and more comical. It had different stories, and I was sad it was so short. It was basically a stroll of their lives as they search for the Samurai who Smelled like Sunflowers. It didn't reveal the origin stories of the main characters: Fuu Kasumi, Mugen, and Jin.

That's all I checked out for June.

Thank you everyone for reading this blog. Please comment if you want to share any experiences you had with family members who love anime or manga.

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