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I finished my Manhwa requests from my friends in the community. I'm going to take a dinner break, catch up on anime. I won't work on wiki. Have to do school work for the rest of the night.
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Before I go to school, I just had to report about my team's work, my solo work on Shaman King, Anime Vice's Streamline Initiative, and crazy ideas for blogs.

Table of Contents

  1. Team Work!
  2. Partnership
  3. Solo Work
  4. Stream line Initiative
  5. Crazy Blog Ideas
  6. Beginner Guides

Team Work!

Team Gosick Project (Anime) is Postponed Until Winter 2011

Members: Auron570, Halberdierv2, Takashichea

My teammates and I are students (most of us are college students) who are very busy. Auron570 and Halberdierv2 already told me about taking a break from wiki editing. It's my fault for starting in July instead of June, but I had a previous project, Rave Master, with Fire_Star. Plus, I think the concept team is adding to much pressure on them.


  • Most of the episodes have a short plot summary. I think 17 is the only one that doesn't have a plot summary.
  • Episodes that have big plot: 1-10, 16, and 18-24.
  • Every episode has voices, images, characters, credits, objects, and locations.
  • FoxxFireArt added the manga and two light novel series.
  • It's unlikely that the team will work on the manga and light novel portion.

**Please see Gosick Recognition Blog.

*By the way, Fire_Star and I finished the Rave Master's anime part and its characters last July 2011. We decided to stop after that since there are 30 volumes in the manga portion. It was too much work.

**Please see Rave Master Recognition Blog and 99% Anime Project Completed Blog.

Sket Dance Project by Team W.I.K.I Nation (August 18, 2011 - Ongoing)

Members: Annabanana, Piface314, Hibaru, and Takashichea

It's the same situation with the Gosick project. It's all right as long we watch each other's back and take turns and dividing up the work.

  • How we work:
  1. We split the episodes by threes, so most of us are finishing our roles.
  2. One person adds the new characters
  3. One person works on the volumes
  4. All of us work on the characters
  • Status:

Legend: P = Plot and SP = Short Plot

1. Episodes:

  • Annabanana - 7SP&P, 8P&SP,
  • Dochaus - 2SP, 5P (To give credit)
  • Hibaru - 1SP, 3SP, 4P&SP, 6P, 7P
  • Piface314 - 9SP, 10SP,
  • Takashichea - 2P, 3P, 5SP&P, 12-14SP&P

*Another wiki editor, Anbumakura, added episodes 6-16. (To give credit)

2. Characters: See Character Vitae List

3. Volumes:

  • Piface314, Annabanana, and Taka worked on main page. (Gia added it)
  • Volumes 1-15 were added and all have table of contents with Japanese characters.
  • Volumes 1-5 have plot summaries and all of necessary components.

**Please see Sket Dance Wiki Project Blog.

Fairy Tail (Anime Only) - Started since Oct. 2010***

^Members: Annabanana, Newten, and Takashichea (Team created since July 2011)

  • Anna and I are taking turns on the plot summaries.
  • Newten is also supporting us on the images and giving advice. His Weekly Fairy Tail articles are making a big impact on Anime Vice and are attracting more people to watch it.
  • For the characters, it's getting done slowly, but most of the characters were done in the Great Fairy Tail Gold Rush Week when Ethan set up a lot of bounty tasks. In addition, FoxxFireArt also set up bounty tasks that dealt with adding credit for the Funimation voices to the character and episode pages.

***I put down Oct. 2010 because it was the month Anna and I worked on Fairy Tail independently. We met each other with the help of Obscurefan around December 2010.

^Fairy Tail has a bigger team than that. I put down the active members for this semester. If you want to see the whole team, please see the Fairy Tail Recognition Blog, Bounty Hunter Blog, and FoxxFireArt's Community Spotlights.

  • FoxxFireArt's News - 1 and 2.

Team Beelzebub (Anime Only) - July 2011 and a trio was born on Aug. 2011

Members: Annabanana, ShadowKnight508, and Takashichea

Mainly, we are focused on the anime and its characters. Annabanana did work on this series alone until July 2011 where I took over in her absence. Then, along the way, ShadowKnight508 joined in, and Anna return home in August 2011.


Interestingly, I'm partners with Annabanana on many anime/ or manga projects that are listed above.

Blue Exorcist (Anime Only)

The only project that Anna and I are alone on this project.

See Blue Exorcist Recognition Blog.

Solo Work

Shaman King (February 2011 - Ongoing)

I decided to work on this among the empty pages of my favorite series. During the time, I was disillusioned and wanted to give up. I kept going at a slower pace because I mainly focused working on Fairy Tail with Annabanana and in June, with Fire_Star on Rave Master.


I finished about 43 episodes for the anime and started working volumes 10 to 32. I finished reading series since September 5, 2011. So far, I haved added full plot summaries on volumes 9 to 25. All volumes have table of contents with its characters and other stuff. Volumes 1-8 don't have table of contents, and volumes 1-10 need to be formatted.

Please see Shaman King Historian Project.

Streamline Initiative

August 30, 2011

I was struggling to shorten/ summarize story arcs for Eleanor Merced and FoxxFireArt's bounty task on Naruto. Naruto's work was the hardest one so far. I couldn't rewrite it without sacrificing information. With FoxxFireArt's advice, I guess I have to delete and rewrite.

*From that point, I contact many wiki editors about condensing their story arcs and stop writing detailed story arcs for the characters.

I know I need to fix Haru Glory, Elie, Hamrio Musica, and many Fairy Tail characters.

Crazy Blog Ideas

Playstation Nation made me realize I spent too much time wiki editing and not enough on school
Playstation Nation made me realize I spent too much time wiki editing and not enough on school
  • Archive - Inspired by Giant Bomb's Archive (History of the Bomb: A Community Project thread) and my recognition blogs for Fairy Tail, Rave Master, Blue Exorcist, and Gosick. Cover some history with wiki editors on this site.

  • Wiki Nation: Am I addicted to Wiki Editing? - Inspired by reading a book called PlayNation Nation. Differentiate between addiction and possession. Will create an Addiction concept page for this.
  • Hot when their Pompadours are Down - Inspired by crazy pompadours.
  • Ideas to promote the anime that my teams worked on - I have to get out of comfort zone and write blogs to advertise the franchise and showcase our hard work at the same time. Newten is doing this for Fairy Tail. I need to do it for Blue Exorcist, Sket Dance, and Beelzebub.

Beginner Guides

I still hesitate to finish the guides or even to publish them. I have three guides in the rough draft stage. I'm good at characters and story, but I'm not good at writing hooks, intros, and conclusions (or verdicts) despite the fact I asked for help. I need to publish them before October. Otherwise, I did live up to my first year's work at Anime Vice.

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