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Hello everyone! It's the first weekend of October and the start of the Fall 2013 season. I'm doing this to promote the discussion threads in the #Anime Vice Discussion Threads forum. This is a quick run down on some of the shows. Check out the other folks' impressions of the fall in the community. I'm sure DocHaus, Marshal Victory, Auron570, BigHeart711, and others provide a different and more thoughtful insight than me.

I'm Taka, a wiki editor here who finished the Fall Anime 2013 Trailers Guide with my teammates. What's left is to enjoy the anime series this fall if we can. Here are the series I'm continuing to watch. After this weekend, I won't try anymore new shows except the ones that are on my to watch list. I got to focus on school and wiki work.

Please join in the discussion threads. Thank you for reading.

Continued to Watch

Don't worry, I didn't put any spoilers just general descriptions and impressions.


I forgot to put Magi. It's a Shonen series that Anna and I loved. The manga did far better than the anime, but I'm continuing thru season 2. I have hopes that the anime will reach its potential.

Kuroko's Basketball 2
I did marathon the first season during summer with 2 episodes a week since I had summer school at the time. I thought I wouldn't like this show because I'm not a sports person. The reason I tried it was that an old friend of mine, KuroNekoXIII, recommended the show. I was surprised the show got me hooked. It's all because of the characters and their quirks that made the show enjoyable.
Kill la Kill
After finishing Gurren Lagann back in June 2013 for the first time, I was blown away by the show. When I heard a few of the same folks who did Gurren Lagann are doing a new show with Trigger, I thought this show would be highly anticipated show for this season. First episode was pretty weird. It was fast paced with goofy animations. It didn't wow me much like Gurren Lagann did. It's more comedy oriented. GL's 1st episode build the world, the dreams, and tied it with a memorable quote. In terms of fan service, Kill la Kill was surprisingly low. No Gainax Bounce had occurred.
Valvrave the Liberator 2
It hasn't aired yet. When Acura got me into this show, I didn't expect it hooked me after a generic first episode for a mech series. The ending of the pilot episode was unexpected. From that point, Valvrave had continued to surprised me without any logic whatsoever. It keeps me guessing. Plus, it had controversial scenes like Guilty Crown did.
Wanna Be the Strongest in the World!
One of the guilty pleasure shows for this fall. I admit I was attracted to it because of the fan service. Plus, it reminded of an erotic manga that deals with female wrestling. The first episode was good because I loved the drive in Sakura, the main character, had when she wanted to fight back after her idol group gets dissed.
Walkure Romanze: Shojo Kishi Monogatari
Another guilty pleasure show that I tried because it was made by Ricotta, a company that made Princess Lover. It was a generic harem show with a ditzy pink haired character and an ordinary hero. I'm glad the main character isn't wimpy or too perverted. It felt strange when the harem show centered on Mio instead of Takahiro.
Strike the Blood
The first episode gives the show a generic feeling. I wanted to tried it because of the trailer. I'm somewhat interested in the show due to Kojo's past.
For the show, I'm predicting it will end with romance because it's like this: boy gets girl as a bodyguard, boy and girl fall in love with each other thru conflict, and the one of two will sacrifice themselves to save the other.
Nagi no Asukara

Normally, I'm a Shonen and comedy fan. I don't usually watch slice of life shows. My first one was Sket Dance, but I don't count it as my first because Sket Dance is more gag comedy. Tari Tari was my 2nd slice of life but my first true slice of life.

Given that, I tried this show because the animation and art style remind me of Tari Tari in a sense. I loved the animation. It's gorgeous when you see the reflection of the water and the scenery. The episode made me chuckle a few times. I see a love triangle forming. I'm interested in the show because it portrays another side: tension between two races: humans who live on land and humans who live under the sea.


Dropped after the first episode. It reminded me of The Devil is a Part-Timer! except it's the heroes who are working. For me, it was too much fan service with the Gainaxing. It was all forced out.
Diabolik Lovers
A reverse harem series that I wanted to see if it was a good show in that genre. It's trashy. I actually laughed in the first episode because it wasn't like the usual reverse harem series. I never seen a show where the heroes abused the main heroine. I thought I will enjoy it as a guilty pleasure show. After the 2nd and 3rd episode, I got bored of it because it did the same thing except different guys take turns abusing the heroine.

Want to Watch

Acura's comments about a sister eating her brother's flesh in the Pupa discussion thread made me curious. With October 31st approaching, it's the only horror show in the fall.
IS <Infinite Stratos>
Sotyfan16 recommended the first season to me way back then. I have been meaning to try this show for a while. Since summer 2013, I only watched the first 5 shows. It's a generic harem show, but I enjoyed it so far. The main character is weak and somewhat clueless but he has potential. The heroines are unique and stand out. Though, if I remember correctly, there are two childhood friends. I'm confused that the main character had forgotten one of them. It's like Oreshura again except with mechs.
The trailer made me interested in this show. It reminded me of Spirited Away.
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