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Hello everyone and welcome to the sixth Fairy Tail weekly report! I'm Taka, and I'm here to discuss with you and my team on these two Fairy Tail episodes, 109 and 110. The battles are getting intense as Fairy Tail and Grimoire Heart's Seven Kin are butting heads.

Check out Image gallery for 109 and 110 if you need some images!


Episode 109: Lucy Fire - "Rūshi Faia" (ルーシィファイア)

After Cana has abandoned Lucy, she has to fend herself from Kain whose looks and personality should not be taken lightly. Throughout her battle and summoning Celestial spirits right and left, she bumps into Natsu. The old trio (including Happy) team up to take down Kain. Will Natsu, Lucy, and Happy be victorious against Kain Hikaru?

Episode 110: Dead-End of Despair - "Zetsubō no Fukurokōji" (絶望の袋小路)

Another battle is still brewing between Grimoire Heart and Fairy Tail, Juvia and Erza fight Meldy until Meldy talks smack about how Gray who has hurt Ultear. The enraged Juvia defends her lover's name by taking Meldy alone. Yet, Meldy has a few tricks on her sleeves with her lost magic. Juvia finds herself trapped with Gray's life and hers on the edge of death. Will Juvia succeed against Meldy and will Gray find out Ultear's connection with Ur?

Find out by checking these two episodes!


Beware of mild spoilers!


The fun starts with this doll
The fun starts with this doll
  • Episode 109 is a hilarious episode with lots of silly antics between Lucy, Happy, Natsu, and even Kain. There's a curse doll involved that makes this battle so funny. For the first time or maybe not, Happy is useful!
  • Unlike 109, Juvia's battle has some serious tension with some odd moments that scream Gray at odd times. You can't blame Juvia for thinking about Gray. That's love. For Juvia fans, you will love this episode and how Juvia fight for her man.


  • Even though episode 109's mood is warm and funny, Lucy's near death moment just kill it for me. I don't like it when people smile when they're about to die. (It reminds me of Sakura Glory from Rave Master) Plus, the dire situation is not needed. They could have do another scene for trouble. What do you guys think?
  • Episode 110 - I can't really come up with a bad. There were no censorship issues that I seen from the manga to anime.


  • Childish laughter that comes up every time the curse doll gets mentioned. For some, it might be creepy.
  • Juvia has some crazy mood swings. When she's pissed, her voice gets deep and growly. One moment, she's gets all lovey-dovey when Gray or something suggestive occurs in her crazy mind.

Overall, these battles and episodes were great. One was extremely funny while the other one had some action and drama. For you Lucy X Natsu fans and Juvia X Gray fans, these episodes won't disappoint you.

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Major Spoiler Alert!

I got tired of restraining myself, so I gave plenty of heads up.

I had Anna's caption: Natsu, you lucky guy and mine, Happy: Lucy, you do lllike him! There's a lot of possible captions for these shipping moments. Don't worry for fans who think Natsu and Lucy should go with someone else, there are plenty of episodes and moments.

Natsu, you lucky guy! OR Happy: Lucy, you do lllike him!
Natsu, you lucky guy! OR Happy: Lucy, you do lllike him!
Gray: Why am I hot?
Gray: Why am I hot?

As for Gray X Juvia, I couldn't come up with a killer caption. This is where you guys come in.

I'll save the others in the comment sections.


Sorry for not coming up with trivia questions. My team and I always appreciate contributions from our community. Look at Aniie, she uploaded a lot of trivia. I'm going to do more to keep up.


I thank you guys for reading my team's weekly report and please give them a round of applause for their hard work. Since it's the holidays and college is over, my team is resting, so episode 110's wiki is finished as of today. Anna's on vacation. She needs Rest & Relaxation. It's a good thing that she uploaded a plethora of images for Lucy Fire before Christmas. I'm not a great image hunter like her. My image gallery for 110 is pretty small in comparison.

Off Tangent Thing: I noticed everyone concerned about Anime Vice's low inactivity in the What's Going Through Your Page. It's an issue, but if we all contribute and comment at least once a day, this community gets better. I'm doing the weekly reports for my team who love the anime and work so hard on it. It's beneficial to my team and to the community who don't know about the wiki work behind the scenes and obscure titles.

If you love something, work hard on it and talk about it. Make some wiki edit or comments.

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