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Finished clearing all Attack on Titan characters. Was really close to 5PM. I'll be back to save up the Attack on Titan episode summaries and finish Taichokage and rest of my teammates' wiki subs.
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Hey everyone and welcome to the Fairy Tail weekly report! I have to cut this report short since things are getting hectic with school.


There are only five days left 'til the Grand Magic Games begin, but Natsu and company still aren't ready for it. But then they meet up with Crime Sorciere, a small, independent guild led by an old frenemy. The members of this newish guild promise to help Fairy Tail "power up" in exchange for a favor...

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Oh Happy, you little troll
Oh Happy, you little troll
  • For you Erza and Jellal fans, this episode is a home run with you guys who support this pair.
  • Little Happy also finds Erza's relationship hilarious. I just enjoy how he trolls Erza like he does with the Fairy Tail crew.
  • We also got a few new characters who appeared, the Raven Tail Guild as well as Jellal's gang making their Time Skip Debut.


  • Cheaters: Natsu's gang skipped training and took Ultear's Time Ark steroids to get stronger. I wasn't happy with how Hiro Mashima did this. It didn't make a lick of sense when Ultear explains how everyone has a latent magic orb.
  • Like water and fire, those who oppose Erza x Jellal will not find this episode enjoyable.

This episode is a hit or miss with the fans. You'll love it if you enjoy Erza and Jellal as well as little humourous moments with Natsu, Meredy, Juvia, and the gang. For the bad stuff, it was a slow episode with a poor way of having Natsu's crew upped their magic. It's like the Exball element in Edolas where they gained back their magic. It's more interesting to see Fairy Tail struggling and doing something creative to solve their problems instead of just doing the easy way. In Natsu's case, overpowering the enemies by taking magical steroids.


Thank you everyone for supporting this franchise. Please support the wiki editors and the project. My teammates are working hard on this wiki project while juggling school, family, and work.

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