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This table is originally from the Fairy Tail recognition blog, but since the information is getting crowded, I list it here

Please give thanks to Ethan for creating these tasks and FireFoxxart for creating tasks, too.

Also, give a round of applause to the hard workers of Anime vice who use their spare time to complete the bounties.

Since June 9, 2011, a vitae list is created that will also contain a copy of the bounties.

FoxxfireArt's created tasks

  1. Wendy Marvell (Creation)
  2. Cana Alberona (Creation)
  3. Lucy Ashuray (Reformatting)
  4. Gate Keys (Article)
  5. Episode Fairy Hunting (Add Actors and Actresses) May 20, 2011.

Fairy Tail Bounties update

  1. Fairy Tail Theme Week (Week of April 25, 2011)
  2. Some bounties were issued somewhere during May 2011.
  3. Fairy Tail Funimation news and FoxxFireArt created many tasks such as crediting voice actors under creation of the seven main Fairy Tail characters.
  4. On June 9, 2011, a team vitae list also keeps track of the bounties.

Side Note: To make things easier, I only list bounties that people have points awarded to them. I know some of us including me helped others on a bounty and are not officially included in the bounty due to the limit. The limit is five open tasks and a user cannot go past the limit.

Fairy Tail Bounties (Week of April 25, 2011)

Anime Vice users (in Alphabetical order)Character bounty and type
  1. Scorpio (Ariticle)
  2. Eve Thylm (Article)
  3. Nab Lasaro (Reformatting)
  4. Erza Knightwalker (Article)
  5. Ultear (Article)
  6. Aries (Article)
  7. Gemini (Article)
  8. Cana Alberona (Creation paragraph)
  9. Lucy Ashuray (Article)
  10. Wendy Marvell (Creation paragraph)
  11. Happy (Caption images)
  12. Charle (Article)
  13. Blue Pegasus Guild (Article)
  14. Cancer (Reformatting
  15. Ultear (Expansion)
  16. Gate Keys (Article)
  17. Lucy Ashuray (Reformatting)
  18. Lyra (Article)
  19. Virgo (Reformatting)
  20. Caelum (Article)
  21. Bixlow (Article)
  22. Evergreen (Article)
  1. Ur (Reformatting)
  2. Erigor (Ariticle)
  3. Sherry Blendi (Article)
  4. Fairy Hills Location (Article)
  5. Reedus Jonah (Article)
  6. Duke Everlue (Article)
  7. Fiore (Article)
  8. Caelum (Article)
  1. Lucky Ollieta (Reformating)
  2. Kageyama (Article)
  3. Brain (Article)
  4. Episode Fairy Hunting (Adding Actors and Actresses) May 20, 2011
  1. Edoras location (Article)
  1. Wendy Marvell (Caption Images)
  2. Alzack Connel (Article)
  3. Erza Scarlet (Article)
  4. Juvia Loxar (Caption)
  5. Ikaruga (Ariticle)
  6. Levy Mcgarden (Caption Images)
  7. Freed Justine (Article)
  8. Bisca Mulan (Article)
  9. Welcome to Fairy Hills (Plot Summary)
  10. Mirajane (Caption images)
  11. Lucky Ollieta (Reformatting)
  12. Lamia Scale (Article)
  13. Lisanna (Caption images)
  14. Brain (Article)
  15. Sue (Ariticle)
  16. Karen Lilica (Article)
  17. Millianna (Article)
  18. Lyon Bastia (Article)
  19. Sherry Blendi (Caption images)
  20. Mystogan
  1. Lucy Heartphilia (Caption Images)

** I checked the image pages and some of the pages still needs captioning. Regardless, Anna, Taka, and Wales did a good job. Anna and I captioned images before the Fairy Tail theme week. We captioned images a bit every time a new episode appears.

It's okay because it is a mind draining task where the creativity starts to run out.

Week of June 22, 2011

FoxxFireArt created many tasks due to the Funimation news. Before June 22, Obsidian609 did a bounty dealing with voice actors for new Fairy Tail episodes after a community spotlight. (FoxxFireArt issued that bounty).

Happy's Bounty Task

  • Add in creation section with voices and inspiration info (if author has one) - Taka and Anna
  • Creation comes before Evolution - Wales

Natsu Dragnil's tasks

  • Fill in creation with voice actors and the episodes with his English actor, Todd. - Wales and Anna.

Gray Fullbuster's tasks

  • Fill in creation with voice actors and the episodes. - Anna.
  • (June 17, 2011) Add creation section. - Taka.

Erza Scarlet's tasks

  • Fill in creation with voice actors and the episodes. - Anna.

Makarov's tasks

  • Fill in creation with voice actors and the episodes. - Anna.

Mirajane's tasks

  • Caption her images - Wales.
  • Add creation with voice actors and inspiration (if possible), remove spoiler tag. - Wales.

Lucy Heartphilia's tasks

  • Fill in creation with voice actors and the episodes. - Wales.

Fairy Tail (Anime)'s tasks

  • Fill in the first season's episodes with English actors and ADR director - Taka and Wales.

Elfman's Tasks

  • Fill in creation with voice actors and the episodes. - Wales.

Fairy Tail Manga Tasks

  • Created by FoxxFireArt, Dekken filled the manga volume dates. (See Task)

This is a copy from the recognition blog.

Go Anime Vice!

Thank you for reading this blog.

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