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Going to call it a day. Got Church tomorrow morning. Sunday evening - I'll be capping Fairy Tail and Toriko and doing school work.
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Beware of spoilers!: This is for fans who have watched a lot of Fairy Tail!

Welcome to a special edition of Fairy Tail in the Anime Vice community! Due to the recent episode 124, I had an inspiration to create this blog. It's all thanks to Juvia who inspired me to do a crazy blog. Today, we will discuss about your favorite love triangles or shipping moments!

Fairy Tail Love Web Pandemonium!
Fairy Tail Love Web Pandemonium!

Please share your thoughts!

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In this blog, I originally compared Natsu and Lucy's relationship to Hiro Mashima's earlier works, Rave Master, and its dominant couple, Haru Glory and Elie. Though, I went off tangent and started comparing the other girls in Fairy Tail (Erza and Lisanna) to see which one of them will end up with Natsu. I had a great discussion with Jinbeifan1 and Pukol.


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