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On Kodanshacojp's youtube channel, they posted Fairy Tail's 3rd OVA for you fans.


In this OAV, Natsu, Erza, Happy, Lucy, and Gray find a book that takes them back into time where Fairy Tail is still young.


Memory Days Poster
Memory Days Poster

For those who are new to Fairy Tail, it's about the adventures of Natsu, Happy, Lucy, and the gang who are a part of a guild called Fairy Tail. Their world revolves around magic, guilds, and fights between good and evil.

Hiro Mashima created Fairy Tail, Rave Master, Monster Soul, and Monster Hunter Orage.

Themes: Fanservice, ecchi, big boobs, cosplay, magic, Gainax Bounce, Buxom World, Shonen

Note: Fairy Tail OVAs have more ecchi and fan service content than its anime counterpart.


Thanks to Daniel Newton and Annabanana for being great teammates on the Fairy Tail franchise.

Fairy Tail vol. 31
Fairy Tail vol. 31

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