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I'll be back. Just taking a dinner break from school work. I only managed to finish the updates to the 2015 manga series ending list and Fairy Tail 209. Still working on One Piece 668. PM me if you need me.
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Hey, welcome to the Anime Vice Episode Archive: Valentine's Day Edition, an archive of Valentine's Day-themed anime episodes!

After a successful test-run with the beach episode archive, a Valentine's Day archive thread is must have since we're rolling into the month of February. If you're not really sure what this "archive" business is all about, go and read the first post in the beach archive thread and take a look at the growing archive we have there.

Cool, I Want to Help!

Good! All you have to do is find a Valentine's Day-themed anime episode in our database, make sure it has some screen cap images attached and post the link in this thread, then I'll add it to the archive.

I'll appreciate any help!

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