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Finished clearing all Attack on Titan characters. Was really close to 5PM. I'll be back to save up the Attack on Titan episode summaries and finish Taichokage and rest of my teammates' wiki subs.
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Hello everyone! I welcome you to the style blog.
This is a blog that explains the process of making up a formula or a style for my niches, Fairy Tail and Shaman King. As you know, the Fairy Tail community is very strong in Anime Vice and many dedicated fans work and filled out these pages. Right now, I am working with a team on filling up the character pages and the episode plot summaries.

I list the inspirations because I did not have set formula when I was a new user 7 months ago. Things have change though. These the people I look up to when filling out episodes and manga volumes. (It is not a exhaustive list because I haven't met much people on Anime Vice. The users I list are the ones I talk with) I am sorry if I had not seen your stellar work.

PM me or comment if you want to share your wiki style with everyone in this community.

Inspirations for Wiki Styles on Episodes and Volumes from Users


 his style is normally this
  • Arc = list the Japanese titles with the Japanese characters
  • Opening theme and Ending Theme under Plot
  • Plot Summary
  • Points of Interests = has censorships, dialogue change, anime/manga differences
  • Attack Table = has different names
See Naruto episodes and One Piece episodes on his several blogs. Kazekage Arc Rescued, Tsunade Arc, One Piece Blog on Wonder Woman,


 Her style is the Fairy Tail's simple formula.
  • Plot Summary with images
  • Points of Interests = see Fairy Tail style below
See Fairy Tail episode " Rainbow of Sakura" and " Gildartz"


  • Plot Summary
See Fairy Tail episode " Battle of Fairy Tail"


  • Plot Summary
  • Stitched Images at the end
See Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? episodes 1, 2,

I adopt Annabanana's style and experiment with FoxxFireArt's attack table on Fairy Tail episode wikis.
For Shaman King, I adopted mostly FoxxFireArt's style except for attack table and arcs. There are no offiicial arc names for Shaman King and the names of attacks differ from sub to sub which poses a problem.

The episode wiki style for Fairy Tail

Although there are many plot summaries written by different users, there is not a consistent formula. The best formula (Called the Simple Formula) is Plot Summary and Points of Interests. This Simple Formula is based on Annabanana's style.

Plot Summary

Can have a variable length. Can have headers to split up the episode into parts. Users usually have images set up into tiny rows or insert one image or more with captions.

Points of Interests

  • Fun facts are interesting things, quirks, and anything interesting about a character.
  • Erza's armor appearance
  • Anime/Manga Differences
  • Love Interests

Attack Table

This is an optional thing. I was playing with it on some episodes. I adopted from FoxxFireArt's style.

The episode wiki style for Shaman King

This is one of the longest and the hardest tasks to do. Since there are so many anime/manga differences, name altercations, censorships, I thought it would be helpful to put this information down for Shaman King fans and beneficial to me because there are a lot of points to gain from this task. It's been since February 2011 when I first started rewatching Shaman King episodes. 
Here is my style for Shaman King:


I adopted this style from FoxxFireArt. I list the Japanese name, romaji, and characters plus the dub name.

Plot Summary

Long articles or sometimes short. Varies due to stress of school.

Anime/Manga Differences

It's a very frequent paragraph that is pretty much on every episode up to 31. I adopted style from Anna and FoxxFireArt. It can be subtle changes in dialogue or drastic changes in the story. I believe Shaman King anime diverts after episode 26 because everything changes when Yoh and gang meets new characters in different order compared to its Manga counterpart.

Examples: Meeting Lyserg and Chocolove before Lilirara in the anime compared to the manga, Yoh and gang meets Lilirara, then Lyserg, and then Chocolove.

Sub versus Dub

I don't why but I watch subs and dubs sometimes. I find some subtle changes in the dialogue. I takes notes on it and put it the episode. I put my best reasons for the change. This is voluntary because it takes a long time to load videos and rewatch some episodes. Forgive for being lazy.
See episode 14., 17, 18, 26,

I adopted this style from FoxxFireArt's points of interests.


Shaman King dub was originally on Fox Box, so the censorship are frequent. Most of times, I see outfit change due to cleavage and things, Japanese characters erase, and religious things altered.
See episodes 16, 31,

I adopted this style from FoxxFireArt's points of interests.

Wiki Style for Shaman King Volumes

  • Character Profile table: I list the names, birthdays (age if provide), blood type, and astrological sign
  • Plot summary
  • Special Wiki Style: I add the scans for character profiles on the volume wiki page.
  • CHANGES TO THIS INFORMATION: I won't upload scans this way since it is only reserve for "alternate covers." I have to remove them.
The only issues with uploading scans on the volume page is that the back cover gets push down by the character profile scans. I wanted it to go like this: Front Cover, Back Cover, and the following character profiles in order.
See volumes 12, 13,  to see the differences in the order of images.

Goals for the Future

After I finish the Shaman King project, I am going to promote the franchise by blogs, guides, and forums. The purpose of these episodes and volumes is to be read by fans of different backgrounds. I enjoy hearing from users who read the episode summaries and enjoy seeing users use the Shaman King image for their avatar or profile image.

Future Niche: I know Fairy Tail is still going. I will try to finish Descendants of Darkness (Did two episodes) , get back to Supernatural (Did two episodes for Juuhachi), and Rave Master (due to the volume task with Fire_Star).

Thank you for reading blog. I hope this inspires new users and the old to work on more wiki and developing their own style.
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