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Crunchyroll is a legal video website that streams Asian drama shows and anime. Please check out the Summer Anime 2013 Trailers blog for more information on the rest of the summer anime 2013 shows. Below are the following anime series for Summer 2013:

Senyu 2

Long ago, there lived an evil being who reigned over the world through fear, called Satan Rchimedes. He invaded the human world with his many demon underlings, spreading madness and chaos everywhere. One thousand years ago, this menace was sealed by the hero Creation, and peace returned to the world.

Senyu is available to countries worldwide except Asia. It airs every Tuesday at 10AM Pacific Time starting on July 2 at 10 am Pacific Time.

Teekyu 2

The series follows the hilarious everyday routines of four girls in the Kameido High tennis club who, on occasion, actually play some tennis.

TEEKYU 2 will be available for the following countries: North America, South America, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. It airs simulcasts every Sunday at 7:30AM PDT starting on July 7, at 7:30 am Pacific Time.

Recorder and Randsell Mi

On the surface it seems as if Atsushi is an adult, but really he's just an elementary student! However, he is paired with a second-year high school student Atsumi, whose height is just the opposite of his. These two together create an unusual relationship and will undoubtedly instigate some comedic antics in this slice of life comedy!

The simulcasts starts on Monday July 1, at 7:30 am PDT, and it will be available worldwide except Japan.

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