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Xbox Live Gold subscribers and Crunchyroll Premium members can now watch their favorite anime show (if available on Crunchyroll) on their Xbox without commercials. Plus, it's all in HD (720P). For newcomers, there are free samples. So take advantage and wet your feet if you are an Xbox owner who loves anime.

“This is a significant opportunity to serve our content on a platform widely popular around the world,” said Crunchyroll CEO and Founder Kun Gao. “Ninety-six percent of Anime fans are gamers, and with more than 70 million Xbox 360 consoles sold worldwide, we are excited to provide a new way fans can watch their favorite Crunchyroll titles.”

Kun Gao (Crunchyroll Founder and CEO)


This special feature is available in all Xbox Live markets except Japan, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

However, the application will be available (in English) in “more than 30 territories across six continents”. Hopefully this means the PS3 version will receive a boost in availability too, as it has yet to be released in Europe among other places.



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